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Ben Cleveland

First off, sleeves are not an option, ever. I like the feel of my bare arm in the wind, just so you know. I swim in magma and sleep upon nails. My name is Ben Cleveland and I'm from a bumping metropolis somewhere in Maine. Future aspirations are unknown but I plan on creating the future so get with it.

I'm fairly laid back and currently attend Emmanuel College struggling to find a decent job, probably like a lot of you out there. I figured I have alot of free time with this whole unemployment thing and might as well try and bring entertainment to those of you who are employed and can access a computer, or just have a computer and love ridiculous/sports related news and opinions.

We're starting to heat up on this blog, and have some big plans for the school year if people are diggin us and help us out. So keep checking us out and get into it. Yit Yit!!