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Friday, November 26, 2010

This is Fake

People, this is not a real video, Michael Jordan didn't actually go out of his way to shit all over Lebron in a spin off commercial. Dont get me wrong, I don't like Lebron as much as the next guy. But, its just foolish to believe that arguably the best basketball player ever would tear down guys trying to make a name for themselves in the sport he loves. Its just a mash up of Jordans "Maybe" commercial with Lebrons dumb ass "Rise" commercial.

It's a great mash up but come on folks I have seen too many people going whacky over this not knowing its not real. Check your sources!

Side Effects of Coffee

I hate it when this shit happens. I recently had my first cup of coffee about a week ago and I'm telling you I was through the roof with energy. Thats when someone thought they would be a wise guy and tell me to switch to decafe, wrong move buddy! I started yelling my name repeatedly, flexing on innocent people making waffles, chugging choco milk, and stomping all up on tables. Pretty sure one of the grill guys may have pooped themselves.

I Officially Need a Chimpanzee

If this isnt the best thing you have seen in a while your fucking nuts! This little homie is speeding through the field on his segway with no regard for human, or chimpanzee life. They have about 8 camera guys running around trying to catch every angle of this chimp cruising on this thing as if this event is going down in history. You know what though, Its still not enough cameras for me! I would strap one to the chimps helmet on the segway just straight plastering the area with the highest tech cameras gods green earth could provide. Thats how awesome this is.

Also that song is going to be stuck in my head for days, but damnit its all right cause this chimp can do no wrong!

How come it always seems like the Asian culture absolutely loves fooling around with chimpanzees. Some weird shit goes on in the far easy I'm telling you.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


UConn continued their absolute domination of the NCAA Maui Invitational tonight. After struggling with the lowly Wichita St, UConn defeated #2 ranked Michigan State for a spot in the finals. Their opponents? Another top-10 team in #9 Kentucky. I bet John Calipari didn't expect the ass-whooping of a lifetime when his boys laced up the Nikes last night, going down 21 points at halftime.

UConn won by a final score of 84-67, led by guard Kemba Walker's 29 points and 6 assists. UConn moves to 5-0 on the year, and is in a great position to break the top-25. What sealed the victory was the late first half 21-2 run by the Huskies, all but obliterating the spirits of the Wildcats. Uconn made that extra pass, took smart shots, and battled it out on the defensive end, while Kentucky struggled to make a coherent play.

Walker received MVP honors in the game, proving himself as the leader of this year's Huskies. Walker and Co. will play New Hampshire next Tuesday at home.

Bruins Surge to Late Victory Against Florida

The Bruins had another artery clogging victory tonight, topping the Panthers 3-1 with a come from behind win. Mark Recchi scored his 1,500th point with 2 clutch goals in the 3rd period, capping off a 3 goal onslaught started by energy line superstar Brad Marchand.
Thomas had yet another great start, turning aside 31 shots, and lowering his GAA in the process to 1.49. The Bruins struggled early on in the game, and as usual their net minder was around to pick up the pieces that the D left behind. Krejci added 2 assists as well, giving the B's what they were missing during his absence due to the concussion he recently suffered.
So long as the Bruins continue to pull rabbits out of hats late in games, they will stay atop the leader board in the east. In related news, Marc Savard appears to be almost healed from his post-concussion syndrome, and his assists will surely help the suddenly potent Bruins offense.
Q Man

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Celts Hop On The Diesel Train For The Win, 89-83

Sloppy game from the Celtics tonight at the Garden, but they managed to pull off the 89-83 comeback victory over the New Jersey Nets. Shaquille 'The Big Shamroq' O'Neal led the team with 25 points tonight, a huge season-high, and snatched up 11 rebounds.

Rajon Rondo and his 14.3 assists per game sat out tonight for the third straight time due to a grumpy hamstring, and LeBron's stepdad is now out indefinitely. Delonte West broke his wrist on a layup attempt in the second quarter tonight, no word on when he'll be back.

The Celtics move to 11-4, an Eastern Conference best, and will play the Toronto Raptors at home on Friday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Is Happening...

I literally need to say nothing about this video...

But I will say, that bear is a true patriot, representing all that America stands for with the flag draped in the background. And notice how the bear is just taunting Kobayashi, by slapping around the hot dogs and eating one at a time. Classic. Oh and Kobayashi lost? What a huge surprise, IT'S A GIANT BEAR, DUDE. Don't be foolish...

Victor Out, Leaves Sox Fans Salty

First of all, I know you love that headline.

Now to the story. Victor Martinez, after a monster run in Boston, is out. After a season and a half, and less than 200 games with the Sox, Martinez became a free agent and as of right now has a four-year deal lined up with the Detroit Tigers. Martinez, a rookie in 2002, didn't just dazzled fans as a backstop, razzled them as a first basemen, and razzle-dazzled them at the dish. He was a solid #2, #3, clean-up, or #5 hitter, and was a constant long ball threat in any situation.

I was shaky on the Sox to begin last season, and even though they didn't make the postseason, recovering from their extended spring training performance well into June helped diehards keep the faith. Beltre, Varitek and Hall have all filed for free agency. Mike Lowell retired. Youkilis and Cameron have been activated from the DL...and so has Ellsbury, but we'll see if the Cherokee princess is ready for action by March. Theo resigned Big Papi, and traded Richardson for some guy named Andrew Miller on the Marlins. But as far as a backstop goes, the only guy we have right now is Jarrod Saltalamacchia. The guy can hit, no denying that, but I'm still unsure of him after his stint on the DL last year for not being able to throw the ball back to the pitcher.

The Weekend will be standing by waiting to see what new transactions the Sox make, as well waiting on the AL MVP to be named. Vote Hamilton.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Comes Early for Pats

In case you missed it, Peyton & co. gift wrapped last nights game for the pats in the form of a drive-killing pick on the 5 to James Sanders. It capped off a game in which Manning threw 3 INTs, almost doubling his season total of 4 during one game.
This game was huge for both teams, but the Patriots usually pass-wacky offense came out with a much more balanced attack yesterday with the law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis tearing up the field for just shy of 100 yards. Danny "tiny man" Woodhead also chipped in 90 total yards and a TD, including some crucial 3rd down plays. While there's no doubt the injuries on the Colt's side helped out the Pats, it's clear who top dog in this rivalry is right now. Next stop Deeeeeetroit on Thursday for the always anticipated Thanksgiving game.
Q Man

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Todays forecast Taco's

The funniest part of this whole video isn't the dude eating his paper or the whacky little dance the co anchor does while tossing innocent sheets of paper in the air. It isn't even the irony of them missing the bridge collapse. No, no its the weatherman who just keeps um coming with the one liners. "I think the closest thing we had to this paul was when we did the live remote of the guy dressed as a taco parachuting out of a plane into a bowl of salsa" and his response was "oh yeah, yeah that was compelling". What!? are you kidding me guy how the hell is that compelling, maybe to folks who have taco fetishes thats compelling but in now way does that compel anyone else. Then he goes on to crack another one about how he was looking good in that shot while the bridge blew up, this guy needs to get his own show asap. He is a maverick in that studio who doesn't follow the rules and people need more of that.

Oh and where the hell is the video of that dude skydiving in a taco costume I need to see that.

Oprah Fans Potentially the Wildest?

Sheer madness. I just added going to an Oprah show to my bucket list, I mean who wouldn't that crowd is more wild than a pack of hyenas in a daycare center. I can just picture me loosing my mind in the audiences chest bumping middle aged women and spiking holiday hams on the ground. I finally figured out why women love this shit so much, its like their Super bowl and march madness all rolled into a hour long segment five days a week. People were literally hitting the ground with excitement and crying in the audience, I saw hand slapping, feet kicking, body shaking, baby kissing glory right there people, thats rare. Medics where on deck ready to resuscitate people and toss them right back into the crowd for more yippin and yelling.

But really folks I know maybe 3 EC kids will read this before the tip off tourney tomorrow but lets get our gym exactly like an Oprah studio. The other team wouldn't stand a chance.

Also I imagine this was the reaction people had when we announced our glorious return to blog city.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bonfire Blue - Take A Listen

Bonfire Blue - 'Get Down' from Taylor Noll on Vimeo.

Bonfire Blue

Chris Conway formed Bonfire Blue almost a year ago, and has already put out some of his best music. And as he puts it, he hasn't even come close to the band's potential yet. You can download their 6-song album on the link above, or just watch their first music video.

Comment here and let us know what you think of Bonfire Blue. But most importantly, take a listen, download the songs, and enjoy.

Christmas Penguins

NO WAY! I would pay any amount of money to see these penguins parading around in adorable little Santa and reindeer outfits any season of the year.

Lee-Do Eun said it the best: "It's so exciting to see penguins in Santa outfits!" Yes, Lee-Do, it absolutely is. Also what in the world do you think these penguins are thinking while this is all going down, are they freaking out or just basking in this new found fame?


Birthday Shout-Out(s)

Cheers to these fine people on their days of birth. Especially to you, Larry King, just 460 today!

Patrick Kane
Alex Mack
Daria Werbowy
Vladimir Radmanovic
Larry Johnson
Ryan Howard
Petr Sykora
Billy Currington
Jeremy McGrath
Jodie Foster
Meg Ryan
Michael Wilbon
Ann Curry
Calvin Klein
Ted Turner
Jack Welch
Larry King
Adrian Conan Doyle (Arthur's son)
Quentin Roosevelt (Teddy's son)
James Garfield

Dude's Got Moves

Boom! complete yard sale after an attempted crip walk / light jog. Listen guy your not fooling anyone over here at the weekend and your just looking foolish rolling around on that tred mill. You gotta give this guy an A+ for effort though I mean he tries to salvage whats left of his dignity by playing it off and trying to dance again.

Quick side note, where the hell is that other guys computer chair and I'm real curious as to where that move was heading and if it would have been cool had he not ate it.

Take a Gander at This

Just a solid 1:16 of this cat eating food from chopsticks. This one is real cut and dry but for some reason each time that cat goes for the food I crack up a little on the inside. They say pets resemble their owners well this guy is absolutely the proud owner of this wild feline.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Infomercial Of The Week

Look, I won't lie to you...that quesadilla looked DAMN good. And good thing this grill is 'extra large,' because George Foreman was a pansy anyway, right?

Here's what I'm taking away from this video: Burgers - 10 minutes, grilled cheese - 30 seconds, belgium waffles - iffy on the exacts, but roughly a few minutes. So I know have a new image of what I think Heaven will look like. The only way this commercial could sell better is if Troy Aikman had a part in here.

New 'Superfans' Shirts

Staying true to our school colors of blue and gold, the new Superfans shirts this year have been kicked up a notch from last year's model. I'm personally a huge fan of these shirts, and from what we've heard, a lot of people around campus are as well.

Thanks to Sam Lajoie for the photos.
On Saturday, the EC Women's Basketball Team has a game at 2:30pm in the JYC Gym as a part of their annual Tip-Off Tournament. Get to the game, and get yourself one step closer to being the proud owner of the new 2010-2011 Superfans t-shirt.

Thanks to Sam Lajoie for the photos.

Don't Call It A Comeback

We're back.

We took a good break from blogging to get our feet set at school this year, but we're back by popular demand. We're going to be advertising left and right, maybe getting some Weekender gear for all you true Weekenders, and who knows...we may even get some print out in the word. Who wouldn't love some 7 Day magic you could hold in your very own hands, put in a folder and read without having to worry about your computer's battery? No one wouldn't, that's who.

We added another full time member, in Bryan 'The Q-Man' Quinlan, who will be taking over some Celtics and Patriots coverage, as well as contributing to the other areas with Ben and me. We're going to make some posts very Emmanuel-specific as well, while still Boston-orientated through it all, in our efforts to become the official unofficial blog of EC.

So without further ado, here's the new and improved 7 Day Weekend.

Delonte, Celtics Roll

So Delonte West's 10 game suspension for preparing for the zombie apocalypse is over, and the Celtic's already deep back court just got even deeper. He looked a little shaky at first, but he put it together in the 2nd half, ending with 12 points 5 assists and 4 boards in the Celt's blowout win over the John Wall-less Wizards. Gilbert Arenas came out shooting (ouch) finishing up a pedestrian 3-11 in the game. Overall, the S.S. Banner 18 is well underway with Captain Rondo at the helm showing no sign of slowing down, as he had another fantastic night. Barring injuries we should be seeing the Celtics make a considerable run into the playoffs this season.
Q Man

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Thomas

Well Tank had another brilliant start, making many B's fans conjure memories of his Vezina Trophy winning campaign two years back. Unfortunately for this fan, the other half of Thomas is the one that I'm most concerned about. One of the things that makes him so dangerous is his ability to make the best of chaotic situations, seemingly haphazardly jumping around the crease like a spider monkey, making one impossible save after another. Unfortunately this is what burns Timmy alot,as he is out of position more often than not. And this, his darker side inevitably comes out at some point during the season. So I for one will enjoy watching his circus saves for now, but the Bruins will need Tuukka Rask to step up when the potion wears off and the other side of Tank comes out later this season.
Q Man