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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Victor Out, Leaves Sox Fans Salty

First of all, I know you love that headline.

Now to the story. Victor Martinez, after a monster run in Boston, is out. After a season and a half, and less than 200 games with the Sox, Martinez became a free agent and as of right now has a four-year deal lined up with the Detroit Tigers. Martinez, a rookie in 2002, didn't just dazzled fans as a backstop, razzled them as a first basemen, and razzle-dazzled them at the dish. He was a solid #2, #3, clean-up, or #5 hitter, and was a constant long ball threat in any situation.

I was shaky on the Sox to begin last season, and even though they didn't make the postseason, recovering from their extended spring training performance well into June helped diehards keep the faith. Beltre, Varitek and Hall have all filed for free agency. Mike Lowell retired. Youkilis and Cameron have been activated from the DL...and so has Ellsbury, but we'll see if the Cherokee princess is ready for action by March. Theo resigned Big Papi, and traded Richardson for some guy named Andrew Miller on the Marlins. But as far as a backstop goes, the only guy we have right now is Jarrod Saltalamacchia. The guy can hit, no denying that, but I'm still unsure of him after his stint on the DL last year for not being able to throw the ball back to the pitcher.

The Weekend will be standing by waiting to see what new transactions the Sox make, as well waiting on the AL MVP to be named. Vote Hamilton.

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