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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oprah Fans Potentially the Wildest?

Sheer madness. I just added going to an Oprah show to my bucket list, I mean who wouldn't that crowd is more wild than a pack of hyenas in a daycare center. I can just picture me loosing my mind in the audiences chest bumping middle aged women and spiking holiday hams on the ground. I finally figured out why women love this shit so much, its like their Super bowl and march madness all rolled into a hour long segment five days a week. People were literally hitting the ground with excitement and crying in the audience, I saw hand slapping, feet kicking, body shaking, baby kissing glory right there people, thats rare. Medics where on deck ready to resuscitate people and toss them right back into the crowd for more yippin and yelling.

But really folks I know maybe 3 EC kids will read this before the tip off tourney tomorrow but lets get our gym exactly like an Oprah studio. The other team wouldn't stand a chance.

Also I imagine this was the reaction people had when we announced our glorious return to blog city.

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