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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

Huffingtonpost.com A lock of hair Ibbetson cut from the former emperor's head fetched NZ$19,000 ($13,100) from a private collector in London who did not want to be identified, he said.

Ahead of the sale, Coney said he expected the hair to sell for up to NZ$300,000 ($207,000).

This is simply outrageous, I can't believe how much some poor bastard would pay for a lock of Napoleon's hair. I mean seriously dude, I can't even find a job these days and you're pissing away 13 GRAND on a lock of hair from a dead guy. No wonder he didn't want to be identified, shit's absurd. I wish he was identified though, just so I could offer up a lock of my pubes to this guy for 13 grand, and you know he'd take it. Hell, I'd throw in a bag of hair and a fresh lock of pubes every month for the rest of my life for 13 grand right now.

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