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Friday, July 9, 2010

Get These Freak Shows Away From Me

Check this..

Listen, I'm all about expressing yourself and all that nonsense. But please, do you, and I'll do me.

But this is taking it too far, putting whiskers on bald chicks literally makes no sense at all and looks horrible. These models look like aging E.T.'s and should be doing the freak circuit on mid-afternoon talk shows. I'm sure these models were all praised, too, for doing something so creative and brave. Save me that load of crap, you put humanity back a few pages with this look, shit.

Also, what's the deal with picture number 10?! Is that dude wearing his socks on his hands or does he have the world's first dorsal fin hands? If so, THAT should be the real story here. I bet that dude can swim up to 30 MPH and is probably pulling insane amounts of fish poon. Anyway, check out these whacky photos here.

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