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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This Guy

I love this guy, hits us with some relevant news and brushes it off like its nothing. He doesn't give a shit man created immortality!! Also guy, your a terrible salesman don't tell us what your not sure the rings can do because it sounds like your not sure of shit, just an FYI.

So as I was stumbling through the world wide wide I happen to encounter a peculiar man by the name of Alex Chiu. At first I just dismissed his crazy Immortality theory as just straight up bull shit. Like yeah right bro your no Ponce De Leon, get real. However I read a little further and I think this dude may be the real deal. I mean it all makes perfect sense a couple rings on the fingers and toes blasting off negative and positive electrons and Shazam! The human body turns into a rechargeable battery. Fucking Brilliant Mr. Chiu! Brilliant. I mean listen Facts, Testimonials, and a few pictures of Thomas Edison, Nikola Telsa, and Albert Einstien and your case is pretty much bullet proof.

Next thing you know I find out this dude has a gorgeous pill that can make you not want to have kids! Your kidding me, your telling me I can buy a pill for that shit! I have been trying so hard to get a kid these days and finally there is a cure for this issue I have. Nothing was working I couldn't fight the urge to pop a few mini me's out and field a family tee ball squad. Unreal Dr. Chiu, you have done it again!

As if this man hasn't done enough for human kind as it is, HE can Resurrect your ass when you die!! So your telling me I can become physically immortal, not want to squirt out a couple youngsters, and then be resurrected! Unbelievable.

Sir. Chiu has clearly over come boundaries that were never thought possible and has given us humans complete control over our lives and death. With out you Mr. Chiu I don't want to imagine how the world would be. Thats why you are the weekenders top choice for THIS GUY!! Congratulations!

For more of Mr. Chiu's Philosophy check this out.

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  1. I use to think that there wasn't a god but man was I mistaken. Alex Chiu is absolutely amazing. Not only in this video does he say nothing about why the rings work, or what they will actually do, he only says what the rings dont do and that we shouldn't wait 30 years to buy them. I need to see how many rings this guy has sold because if its more than 3, and I mean just 3 not three pairs, then I need to get my ass into the ring making business.