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Sunday, July 11, 2010

You Done Pissed off Francis

At first, I didn't really want to blog about this, because I legit felt bad for this kid, and still somewhat do. However, I got to thinking about what he was saying in the video about how he can't play 'WoW' and he was so angry about it, just some normal anger fueled ranting. Then he said something, and I realized that if I didn't post this we could all be in some sort of serious danger. He is trying to warn us that the Lich King is on the loose and he cannot defeat him due to his hacked account. However we all sat back and secretly giggled at this poor bastard's misfortune.

How I'm the only one who picked up on it, I just don't know. Like where is the government on this one anti-terrorist unit and shit, I just know Al-Qaeda is behind all this non-sense, this was their big plan! Unleash the Lich King while Francis, our one and only savior was down for the count.

Yes, its diabolical, evil, disgusting. But at the same time ingenious. I don't know where or when he will strike but it's coming...and soon. Your best bet is to find an underground bunker and just wait this one out. I made a call to Yogi and the gang and told 'em the situation and their ready for a final stand battle.

Here is the video footage of our fallen hero in his weakest hour, I'm fore warning you folks this is tough to watch.

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