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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whites' Stock Skyrockets

Huffingtonpost.com To some, it's known as "White Guy Window Dressing." Others call it "The Token White Guy Gig" or even a "Face Job."

These are terms used to describe a recently established practice employed by Chinese firms, who are willing to pay high prices for fair-skinned expatriates to act as faux employees and white-collar business partners -- all in an effort to impress other area businesses.

That's it. I'm storming down to the local Chinese joint and demanding employment. Its a no-fail plan. I meet all job requirements: A) I'm white B) I need to pretend to know zero Chinese (There will be no pretending there) and finally C) I'm white. If they are still skeptical I'll wave this article in their face and give them a free lesson in "White Guy Window Dressing." Really though this sounds legit, where do I sign up? After I pretend to be doing something for a while and tell people I don't understand them all day I get the 'red carpet' treatment when its time to party.

Just a side note I know these last two posts were from the same website but they are literally just too good to be not let our 14 followers know about.

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