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Boston Bocce Guys

It's a beautiful day in the city of Boston.  There's a light breeze, the sun's shining, and you're walking to a nearby park after grabbing yourself a coffee or pastry from your favorite breakfast establishment.  Picture it, and stay with me here.  You get to the local park, and you see a group of people standing around, throwing around different color plastic balls at a smaller one.  What are they up to?  Bocce, one of life's most amazing sports.

Boston Bocce Guys was founded by Ben Cleveland and Jon Hardacker.  We are looking to get off the ground in September.  We will be bringing bocce to a park near you, from Brookline to the North End of Boston.  

Don't know what Bocce is? Simple.  You start with teams of 2, each player having 2 bocce balls of the same color (4 balls to a team, 2 colors.)  One player will take a golf ball sized ball, called the pallino, and throw it into the playing field, which can be any patch of grass or sand, or even a bocce court.  The object of the game is to get your ball closest to the pallino.  If one team gets more than one ball closer to the pallino than the other team, they get multiple points based on how many balls are inside their opponents.  Whatever team wins gets to toss the pallino next.  Games can be up to 11, 15, 21 points, etc.

E-mail "the7dayweekendguys@gmail.com" if you have any questions about the Boston Bocce Guys, and if you're interested in helping out the cause.