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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dan Bellino Is A Chump

When Adrian Beltre was struck out by Felix Hernandez, the two friends proceeded to trash talk each other, Beltre telling Hernandez that he got one, but the next time he would take Hernandez deep over the Monster. Home plate umpire Dan Bellino, just called up from Triple-A to umpire in the MLB, had no idea what was going on, and thought the talk was directed at him, so he threw Beltre out of the game.

Beltre, competely stunned, freaked out on Bellino, demanding and explanation, that the moron couldn't give him, because he didn't think it through.

Terry Francona then stormed out of the dugout demanding an explanation, but fellow umpire, Angel Hernandez shielded Pellino from Tito.

"He's protecting the young umpire. I guess they have their sort of code or whatever, like we do," said Francona. "I guess I figure if a guy's old enough to throw you out, he's old enough to get yelled at. I just wanted an explanation."

Apparently age has nothing to do with maturity. The call was made without thinking, and Pellino had no answer for why he came to such a quick decision. He was clearly just nervous and that's all he could do to get himself out. Either way, get this clown out of here, its bad enough with the umpires the MLB already has.

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