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Sunday, August 15, 2010

YouTube's Number 1 Video

288,000,000 views. I wish I could make that up, I really do. That's like 15 million shy of the entire population in the United States. What the hell is happening...

Anyway, here are a few problems I have with this video. The Biebs is a creepy bastard. Hanging out in a dark bowling alley that's for kids 15 and younger, eyeballing that girl from 7 lanes over...Then just walking up to her in the middle of a frame, touching her and whatnot. At the :39 second mark, he just straight up grabs her and pulls her towards him. Kid, I know you're like 13, but that's still borderline illegal.

Fast-forward past him stalking the girl across the bowling alley, creeping on her from every possible angle, and get to 1:13, with the kid rocking the Rihanna haircut, swiftly followed by the Biebs doing a "pounding heart" dance move real quick. Classic.

Did you order a dance battle? 1:45? Because there it is. Ludacris comes in, that's all well and good, the Biebs does a strange arm-box dance at 2:53, and it hits me how creepy it is watching these underage kids do hip-hop dancing.

Icing on the cake? The girl is taller than him. Boom.

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