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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Right Or Wrong? You Decide

Huffingtonpost: A growing number of Chinese women -- mostly in their 20s and about to get married -- are opting for a surgical procedure called "hymen restoration," which returns the hymen to its condition before it was ruptured, which typically occurs during first sexual contact but can also happen while playing sports or doing other strenuous activities.

Only in China would something like this catch on. Get over it your hymen has been ruptured don't try and fake recreate a weird plastic hymen down there. How funny is it that hymens can break in strenuous activities. That in itself evokes so many questions; how does that happen, is it painful, do you bleed, is it a casual occurence in the world of women. Do you just approach the situation by saying "ohh shit we got another hymen bust over here" during a soccer game. I had no idea that could happen, guess you learn something everyday.

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