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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekenders Top Ipod Jams

Okay so this first one I'm sure none of you have heard yet. I randomly stumbled into these music video cruising the wonders of Youtube but I think they are the next big Asian group, or make that the first big Asian group. Regardless check it out its called I should be your man by lil crazed and his homeboys.

Boom Kid Cudi and Kanye are next to bat with a song called wylin cause I'm young. Definitely has a different feel to it but I can down with it.

Moving down the list we got Parable - that feeling. Real nice feel good song that you can just throw on and grill up some meats to. Check it.

Parable - That Feelin' from Parable MC on Vimeo.

Big Sean is a top jam this week with his new track I go hard ft. Pat Piff. Big Sean is doing some big things these days, this is off of his album finally famous. Enjoy.

The Incomparable Shakespeare Ft. Adele - Hometown tops off our jams for this week. This song is just hands down dope I foresee big things from this guy.

There it is folks, thats whats hot right now .

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