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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reporter Dosed With Bug Spray

I gotta give this guy props no hesitation just goes right for the bug spray. That's a man who goes after what he wants in life, plus lets be serious this reporter deserved that shit. Just following them out of the court room trying to make a story out of nothing bug spray is the perfect remedy for this asshole. I may start packing bug spray with me at all times when any one just annoys the shit out of me a couple squirts and whammy problem solved.

Whats with this guy to talking about how he needs to know what that is and might need to go to the hospital. Dont be such a pussy home boy take it like a man this guy clearly isn't packing some serious chemicals in that bottle. Then he is talking about how he needs to be sprayed down by the fireman up the street. Are you serious guy!?! What is your reaction if your that fireman like ummm alright man but its just a little bug spray if anything its going to keep the skeeters away.

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