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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pats Dominate

Yikes. Although I was confident going into last nights game against the boys from New Jersey, I didn't see a 42 point victory on the horizon. From the beginning of the first quarter it was all over. Trailing 3-0, the Jets attempted a 53 yard field goal, and Nick Folk shanked yet another huge kick for NY. They wouldn't get another chance to catch the Pats, or score any points for that matter.

Tom was almost perfect for the second week in a row, throwing for over 300 yards and 4 TDs on 21-29 passing. The law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis had another solid game, adding 72 yards and a couple scores. Brady was able to spread the ball around effortlessly to all of his receivers, shredding the Jets highly touted D like fresh mozzarella.

What I think was most important about this win was the complete evolution that the defense has undergone with the additions of all the rookies and second year players. The secondary is playing with unheralded confidence while the linebackers, led by Jerod Mayo have been consistently controlling the middle of the field. Mark "Franchise" Sanchez looked flustered at all times and ended the game with a laughable 27.8 passer rating. The Pats now find themselves in the driver's seat for the AFC East and the AFC's best record. Next stop on the Belichick express? Chicago. All aboard.
Q Man

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bruins live blog!

Observations while waiting in line for beer at the first intermission: Savard looks hungry. Krejci had a sick goal early into the period, and dennis seidenberg's wrister made it 2-0 bruins going into the break. Updates to come.
Second intermission: lucic and shawnie thornton made it 4 to 1 and that's where we sit. Tank thomas looks solid.
3rd period: 7 to 1. Utter domination. Nuff said.

Pierce, Celtics Smoke the Blazers

Paul Pierce had one of his best games this season, scoring 28 points on 9-11 shooting from the field, but his best work came with seconds to spare, dishing the rock to Jesus "Ray Allen" Shuttlesworth for the clutch 3 bomb. Ray was ice cold all game, but when the game was on the line, the Truth knew who had to take the shot.

This kind of chemistry between the players has been carefully crafted, much like how a raw diamond is turned into a beautiful stone on a wedding band. Trust between the Big Three has grown since they were put on the same team in 07. Unselfish play like this is what makes this Big Three actually work together, play that has been M.I.A. in South Beach this season.

Glen Davis chipped in for 16 points off the bench in another solid effort, he looks to be well on his way to Celtics 6th man of the year. The Celtics look to tame the always feisty Bulls at the Garden tomorrow, and after a stroll through New Jersey, will welcome 'Melo and the Nuggz to Boston for what should be an exciting contest.

In other news, look for the first 7dayweekend live blog from the Garden tonight, where the Bruins look to exact some revenge on Steven Stamkos and the Lightning. The Q Man will be blogging, thanks to the droid, in section 318.

Q Man

Birthday Shout-Out(s)

Bought that time again. Not a huge crew today, but quality's better than quantity. Happy birthday, everyone.

Brandon Knight
Aaron Rodgers
Matt Ware
Britney Spears
Nelly Furtado
Jan Ullrich
Monica Seles
Lucy Liu
Darryl Kile, d. 2002

Friday, November 26, 2010

This is Fake

People, this is not a real video, Michael Jordan didn't actually go out of his way to shit all over Lebron in a spin off commercial. Dont get me wrong, I don't like Lebron as much as the next guy. But, its just foolish to believe that arguably the best basketball player ever would tear down guys trying to make a name for themselves in the sport he loves. Its just a mash up of Jordans "Maybe" commercial with Lebrons dumb ass "Rise" commercial.

It's a great mash up but come on folks I have seen too many people going whacky over this not knowing its not real. Check your sources!

Side Effects of Coffee

I hate it when this shit happens. I recently had my first cup of coffee about a week ago and I'm telling you I was through the roof with energy. Thats when someone thought they would be a wise guy and tell me to switch to decafe, wrong move buddy! I started yelling my name repeatedly, flexing on innocent people making waffles, chugging choco milk, and stomping all up on tables. Pretty sure one of the grill guys may have pooped themselves.

I Officially Need a Chimpanzee

If this isnt the best thing you have seen in a while your fucking nuts! This little homie is speeding through the field on his segway with no regard for human, or chimpanzee life. They have about 8 camera guys running around trying to catch every angle of this chimp cruising on this thing as if this event is going down in history. You know what though, Its still not enough cameras for me! I would strap one to the chimps helmet on the segway just straight plastering the area with the highest tech cameras gods green earth could provide. Thats how awesome this is.

Also that song is going to be stuck in my head for days, but damnit its all right cause this chimp can do no wrong!

How come it always seems like the Asian culture absolutely loves fooling around with chimpanzees. Some weird shit goes on in the far easy I'm telling you.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


UConn continued their absolute domination of the NCAA Maui Invitational tonight. After struggling with the lowly Wichita St, UConn defeated #2 ranked Michigan State for a spot in the finals. Their opponents? Another top-10 team in #9 Kentucky. I bet John Calipari didn't expect the ass-whooping of a lifetime when his boys laced up the Nikes last night, going down 21 points at halftime.

UConn won by a final score of 84-67, led by guard Kemba Walker's 29 points and 6 assists. UConn moves to 5-0 on the year, and is in a great position to break the top-25. What sealed the victory was the late first half 21-2 run by the Huskies, all but obliterating the spirits of the Wildcats. Uconn made that extra pass, took smart shots, and battled it out on the defensive end, while Kentucky struggled to make a coherent play.

Walker received MVP honors in the game, proving himself as the leader of this year's Huskies. Walker and Co. will play New Hampshire next Tuesday at home.

Bruins Surge to Late Victory Against Florida

The Bruins had another artery clogging victory tonight, topping the Panthers 3-1 with a come from behind win. Mark Recchi scored his 1,500th point with 2 clutch goals in the 3rd period, capping off a 3 goal onslaught started by energy line superstar Brad Marchand.
Thomas had yet another great start, turning aside 31 shots, and lowering his GAA in the process to 1.49. The Bruins struggled early on in the game, and as usual their net minder was around to pick up the pieces that the D left behind. Krejci added 2 assists as well, giving the B's what they were missing during his absence due to the concussion he recently suffered.
So long as the Bruins continue to pull rabbits out of hats late in games, they will stay atop the leader board in the east. In related news, Marc Savard appears to be almost healed from his post-concussion syndrome, and his assists will surely help the suddenly potent Bruins offense.
Q Man

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Celts Hop On The Diesel Train For The Win, 89-83

Sloppy game from the Celtics tonight at the Garden, but they managed to pull off the 89-83 comeback victory over the New Jersey Nets. Shaquille 'The Big Shamroq' O'Neal led the team with 25 points tonight, a huge season-high, and snatched up 11 rebounds.

Rajon Rondo and his 14.3 assists per game sat out tonight for the third straight time due to a grumpy hamstring, and LeBron's stepdad is now out indefinitely. Delonte West broke his wrist on a layup attempt in the second quarter tonight, no word on when he'll be back.

The Celtics move to 11-4, an Eastern Conference best, and will play the Toronto Raptors at home on Friday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Is Happening...

I literally need to say nothing about this video...

But I will say, that bear is a true patriot, representing all that America stands for with the flag draped in the background. And notice how the bear is just taunting Kobayashi, by slapping around the hot dogs and eating one at a time. Classic. Oh and Kobayashi lost? What a huge surprise, IT'S A GIANT BEAR, DUDE. Don't be foolish...

Victor Out, Leaves Sox Fans Salty

First of all, I know you love that headline.

Now to the story. Victor Martinez, after a monster run in Boston, is out. After a season and a half, and less than 200 games with the Sox, Martinez became a free agent and as of right now has a four-year deal lined up with the Detroit Tigers. Martinez, a rookie in 2002, didn't just dazzled fans as a backstop, razzled them as a first basemen, and razzle-dazzled them at the dish. He was a solid #2, #3, clean-up, or #5 hitter, and was a constant long ball threat in any situation.

I was shaky on the Sox to begin last season, and even though they didn't make the postseason, recovering from their extended spring training performance well into June helped diehards keep the faith. Beltre, Varitek and Hall have all filed for free agency. Mike Lowell retired. Youkilis and Cameron have been activated from the DL...and so has Ellsbury, but we'll see if the Cherokee princess is ready for action by March. Theo resigned Big Papi, and traded Richardson for some guy named Andrew Miller on the Marlins. But as far as a backstop goes, the only guy we have right now is Jarrod Saltalamacchia. The guy can hit, no denying that, but I'm still unsure of him after his stint on the DL last year for not being able to throw the ball back to the pitcher.

The Weekend will be standing by waiting to see what new transactions the Sox make, as well waiting on the AL MVP to be named. Vote Hamilton.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Comes Early for Pats

In case you missed it, Peyton & co. gift wrapped last nights game for the pats in the form of a drive-killing pick on the 5 to James Sanders. It capped off a game in which Manning threw 3 INTs, almost doubling his season total of 4 during one game.
This game was huge for both teams, but the Patriots usually pass-wacky offense came out with a much more balanced attack yesterday with the law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis tearing up the field for just shy of 100 yards. Danny "tiny man" Woodhead also chipped in 90 total yards and a TD, including some crucial 3rd down plays. While there's no doubt the injuries on the Colt's side helped out the Pats, it's clear who top dog in this rivalry is right now. Next stop Deeeeeetroit on Thursday for the always anticipated Thanksgiving game.
Q Man

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Todays forecast Taco's

The funniest part of this whole video isn't the dude eating his paper or the whacky little dance the co anchor does while tossing innocent sheets of paper in the air. It isn't even the irony of them missing the bridge collapse. No, no its the weatherman who just keeps um coming with the one liners. "I think the closest thing we had to this paul was when we did the live remote of the guy dressed as a taco parachuting out of a plane into a bowl of salsa" and his response was "oh yeah, yeah that was compelling". What!? are you kidding me guy how the hell is that compelling, maybe to folks who have taco fetishes thats compelling but in now way does that compel anyone else. Then he goes on to crack another one about how he was looking good in that shot while the bridge blew up, this guy needs to get his own show asap. He is a maverick in that studio who doesn't follow the rules and people need more of that.

Oh and where the hell is the video of that dude skydiving in a taco costume I need to see that.

Oprah Fans Potentially the Wildest?

Sheer madness. I just added going to an Oprah show to my bucket list, I mean who wouldn't that crowd is more wild than a pack of hyenas in a daycare center. I can just picture me loosing my mind in the audiences chest bumping middle aged women and spiking holiday hams on the ground. I finally figured out why women love this shit so much, its like their Super bowl and march madness all rolled into a hour long segment five days a week. People were literally hitting the ground with excitement and crying in the audience, I saw hand slapping, feet kicking, body shaking, baby kissing glory right there people, thats rare. Medics where on deck ready to resuscitate people and toss them right back into the crowd for more yippin and yelling.

But really folks I know maybe 3 EC kids will read this before the tip off tourney tomorrow but lets get our gym exactly like an Oprah studio. The other team wouldn't stand a chance.

Also I imagine this was the reaction people had when we announced our glorious return to blog city.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bonfire Blue - Take A Listen

Bonfire Blue - 'Get Down' from Taylor Noll on Vimeo.

Bonfire Blue

Chris Conway formed Bonfire Blue almost a year ago, and has already put out some of his best music. And as he puts it, he hasn't even come close to the band's potential yet. You can download their 6-song album on the link above, or just watch their first music video.

Comment here and let us know what you think of Bonfire Blue. But most importantly, take a listen, download the songs, and enjoy.

Christmas Penguins

NO WAY! I would pay any amount of money to see these penguins parading around in adorable little Santa and reindeer outfits any season of the year.

Lee-Do Eun said it the best: "It's so exciting to see penguins in Santa outfits!" Yes, Lee-Do, it absolutely is. Also what in the world do you think these penguins are thinking while this is all going down, are they freaking out or just basking in this new found fame?


Birthday Shout-Out(s)

Cheers to these fine people on their days of birth. Especially to you, Larry King, just 460 today!

Patrick Kane
Alex Mack
Daria Werbowy
Vladimir Radmanovic
Larry Johnson
Ryan Howard
Petr Sykora
Billy Currington
Jeremy McGrath
Jodie Foster
Meg Ryan
Michael Wilbon
Ann Curry
Calvin Klein
Ted Turner
Jack Welch
Larry King
Adrian Conan Doyle (Arthur's son)
Quentin Roosevelt (Teddy's son)
James Garfield

Dude's Got Moves

Boom! complete yard sale after an attempted crip walk / light jog. Listen guy your not fooling anyone over here at the weekend and your just looking foolish rolling around on that tred mill. You gotta give this guy an A+ for effort though I mean he tries to salvage whats left of his dignity by playing it off and trying to dance again.

Quick side note, where the hell is that other guys computer chair and I'm real curious as to where that move was heading and if it would have been cool had he not ate it.

Take a Gander at This

Just a solid 1:16 of this cat eating food from chopsticks. This one is real cut and dry but for some reason each time that cat goes for the food I crack up a little on the inside. They say pets resemble their owners well this guy is absolutely the proud owner of this wild feline.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Infomercial Of The Week

Look, I won't lie to you...that quesadilla looked DAMN good. And good thing this grill is 'extra large,' because George Foreman was a pansy anyway, right?

Here's what I'm taking away from this video: Burgers - 10 minutes, grilled cheese - 30 seconds, belgium waffles - iffy on the exacts, but roughly a few minutes. So I know have a new image of what I think Heaven will look like. The only way this commercial could sell better is if Troy Aikman had a part in here.

New 'Superfans' Shirts

Staying true to our school colors of blue and gold, the new Superfans shirts this year have been kicked up a notch from last year's model. I'm personally a huge fan of these shirts, and from what we've heard, a lot of people around campus are as well.

Thanks to Sam Lajoie for the photos.
On Saturday, the EC Women's Basketball Team has a game at 2:30pm in the JYC Gym as a part of their annual Tip-Off Tournament. Get to the game, and get yourself one step closer to being the proud owner of the new 2010-2011 Superfans t-shirt.

Thanks to Sam Lajoie for the photos.

Don't Call It A Comeback

We're back.

We took a good break from blogging to get our feet set at school this year, but we're back by popular demand. We're going to be advertising left and right, maybe getting some Weekender gear for all you true Weekenders, and who knows...we may even get some print out in the word. Who wouldn't love some 7 Day magic you could hold in your very own hands, put in a folder and read without having to worry about your computer's battery? No one wouldn't, that's who.

We added another full time member, in Bryan 'The Q-Man' Quinlan, who will be taking over some Celtics and Patriots coverage, as well as contributing to the other areas with Ben and me. We're going to make some posts very Emmanuel-specific as well, while still Boston-orientated through it all, in our efforts to become the official unofficial blog of EC.

So without further ado, here's the new and improved 7 Day Weekend.

Delonte, Celtics Roll

So Delonte West's 10 game suspension for preparing for the zombie apocalypse is over, and the Celtic's already deep back court just got even deeper. He looked a little shaky at first, but he put it together in the 2nd half, ending with 12 points 5 assists and 4 boards in the Celt's blowout win over the John Wall-less Wizards. Gilbert Arenas came out shooting (ouch) finishing up a pedestrian 3-11 in the game. Overall, the S.S. Banner 18 is well underway with Captain Rondo at the helm showing no sign of slowing down, as he had another fantastic night. Barring injuries we should be seeing the Celtics make a considerable run into the playoffs this season.
Q Man

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Thomas

Well Tank had another brilliant start, making many B's fans conjure memories of his Vezina Trophy winning campaign two years back. Unfortunately for this fan, the other half of Thomas is the one that I'm most concerned about. One of the things that makes him so dangerous is his ability to make the best of chaotic situations, seemingly haphazardly jumping around the crease like a spider monkey, making one impossible save after another. Unfortunately this is what burns Timmy alot,as he is out of position more often than not. And this, his darker side inevitably comes out at some point during the season. So I for one will enjoy watching his circus saves for now, but the Bruins will need Tuukka Rask to step up when the potion wears off and the other side of Tank comes out later this season.
Q Man

Monday, October 11, 2010

Remember this guy?

So the pats got Deion Branch back for half a pack of cigarettes and Randy's old jock strap today, which is good news for fans. Bill knew he had to do something during this week devoid of football they call a bye, and getting a player who is no stranger to Mr Brady's game is just about the best thing the team could do after trading Moss. Branch's career never quite took off in Seattle due to injuries, so if he can remain healthy, look for Deion to come back to his Super Bowl MVP form for our boys in blue next Sunday against Ray Lewis & Co. at Gillette.

Q Man

Friday, September 17, 2010

Infomercial Of The Week

I'm not entirely sure...but I think that this is real, aaand I'm not sure what to make of it. I mean, whatever gives you your jollies, really, right? Oh, and spend 60 bucks if you want, but I'm pretty sure an empty toilet paper roll will do the trick.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Birthday Shout-Out(s)

Awesome day for birthdays today. The Golden Bear, the lead guitarist from Aerosmith, the true single-season home run king, and the guy who directed 'The Goonies.' To these men and everyone else celebrating their birthday tonight, cheers.

Jordan Staal
Joey Votto
Jacob Young
Ben Wallace
Big Daddy Kane
Joe Nieuwendyk
Randy Johnson
Colin Firth
Chris Columbus
Joe Perry
Bill O'Reilly
Roger Maris
Arnold Palmer

Back To School

The Weekend has been busy the past week, moving back to school, starting classes, and doing a bunch of other stuff in our lives. But we haven't forgotten about anyone. We're going to come back just as strong, with no more dilly-dallying around. The Weekend is back, ladies and gents.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What In Creation....

Thanks to Kayla for the video, I guess. Watched this show a few times as a kid, wasn't a fan. Had I known this segment was like a common occurrence...then I'd probably be locked up somewhere. This is another one of those videos that no matter what I say, it can't really get more ridiculous. Boom, enjoy.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mr and Mrs Tumnus Have Lost Their Minds

YahooNews.com - HELENA, Mont. – Two young goats wandered onto the thin ledge of a railroad bridge and spent nearly two days high above the ground until rescuers in a towering cherry picker plucked them from their perch, hungry but safe.

The rescue occurred Wednesday 60 feet above a little-trafficked rural roadway in southern Montana between Billings and Roundup, after a caller told the Rimrock Humane Society the goats were stranded on the 6-inch ledge.

The young female animals weighing 25 and 35 pounds mostly stayed on the angled ledge, even though there was a wider surface area on a pillar just a few feet away.

"The whole time, we thought they were going to fall off," said Sandy Church, humane society president. "These guys are just babies."

Church said it wasn't clear how the nimble-footed animals got into the predicament, but she speculated they wandered onto the ledge at night then froze after the sun rose and they discovered where they were.

So many questions, so few answers. Like, are these those crazy goats that just go into shock when they get scared? What in the world would they want to go out on a cement ledge for? And last time I checked the sun doesn't pull a fast one on Earth when it starts rising, so how the goats weren't able to see that they were chillin' on a 6-inch ledge is beyond me.

I've never personally talked to a goat, so I don't know what a typical goat mentality is, but the Tumnus's seem to have just gone absolutely crazy. And, they were there for 2 days, so clearly it got dark another time after they were on there. Just another case of how people will do anything to get on TV. Get real, goats, I hope you enjoyed your 5 minutes of fame.

Valley Warrior's Movie Clip of the Week

Valley Warrior's long overdue movie clip of the week. Finally ascended the 90s with this one, hope it brings back some memories.



This pretty much sums up what's going on with my internet and blogging right now. Apparently IT help desk can't help and neither can Dell Support so my internet has been down for almost a week now. I want to put out a direct apology to Calvin a loyal weekend supporter for the lack of videos, I'm sorry bro once this is fixed its game over for the blogging world.

Back to the video though, this is everything you need for a viral video. Fat kid, check, van, check, epic fall, double check. The sound track is unbelievable and the fall even better. What happened he jumped straight up maybe he peed his pants a little before the jump creating a slippery surface.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shagged By a Rare Parrot

If I had a nickle for every time I have been shagged by a rare parrot....How about this technique though mounts his mate and then dangity, dangity, dangity, repeated blows to the temple to set the mood. Gotta love how his buddy is just cracking jokes laughing his ass off for about 30 seconds then finally realizes oh your in pain I should help. Typical probably would have taken me at least a minute to stop this parrots mating ritual. After its all said and done the parrot comes in for a little snuggle with his significant other, just a class act right there folks.

This guy must never hear the end of this story, he could solve world hunger and still be known as the guy who got shagged by a parrot. Also if you get this parrot a pipe and some leather bound books homie would look right at home.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Weekend's Poll Winner

Here's an old promo from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." this weekend's poll winner. Awesome show, and Ben's and my personal favorite to win. Good work, team.

Thank You Denmark!

In the rich history of this blog, which was conceived about a year and a half ago, we have strived to reach all fan bases, and people of all different interests. What we didn't expect was to reach different countries. So far, the blog has been viewed in the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Russia, Turks and Caicos Islands, and China.

But the most surprising thus far, has been almost hitting the century mark in the wonderful country of Denmark.

If you're down to visit our bronze medal blogviewing country, check this site out. But if not, just enjoy some of the Danish scenery.

This Is Not Okay

Look, I know this is absolutely ridiculous, but tell me if you think this is the least bit okay. Shock therapy through the RAFTERS, dude's just running out with trays full of pickles.

Did anyone else notice this girl is only 18? As if she's not self-conscious enough, she's gotta deal with being on Maury, the most popular nationally televised show ever, with mass amounts of pickles chasing her up the stairs into the crowd, and going so far as to steal one of her shoes. None of this is okay, but I hope she learned something from this: that she is a ridiculous person, and needs to settle herself down.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sox On Life Support

After losing a 3 game series, 2-1 to Tampa, the sox are now 6 and a half games out of first place, going into the final month of the season. You never know when a team is going to catch fire, or when a team is going to go completely cold, but its looking like it's going to get chilly early in September.

The bats have been doing there job most of the time, but its the pitching that's getting to us. Buchholz is as solid as a brick wall, but Lester has been shaky lately, as has Beckett. Wakefield, covering for Matsuzaka who's out with a back problem, is 4-10, and Lackey will give plenty of innings, but make it tough on the offense to keep pace.

Its going to be a rough final month, with the Sox facing the Yankees 6 times, and the Rays 3 more times. Is it doable? Hell yes. I do think it's going to be nearly impossible to pull off, but like I said, you never know what a team is capable of, for better or worse, over a couple series in a row. A lot of baseball's top-notch analysts were down on the Rays early, and I don't know if they'll be able to hold it together. Ride or die, Sox Nation.

Is There Anything More Badass

This guy is a straight up G, not taking any shit from the umps what so ever. Like I said before if I'm going out I'm going out in style and this is exactly what Gary Robinson does here. Kicking dirt around left and right then tossing a karate kick towards the ump to display his athleticism. After that I thought it was all she wrote but I forgot this is Gary Robinson and the god damn State College Spikes, shits bigger than the Catalina Wine Mixer! First base has got to go and thats exactly what happens, then in the most badass move of the 21st century this guy signs the base and gives it to little johnny hammersticks in the crowd. Unbelievable!

I need to somehow incorporate this into my everyday life, maybe start arguing prices at the super market and then walking to the cold cuts and signing a turkey and handing it to a single mother, fuck I dont know we'll figure something out.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did That Just Happen?

Holy shit the chances of this happening are a trillion to one. That must be James fucking Bond driving that beat up POS.

Every Astroid Ever Discovered Since 1980

WHAT!! I'm freaking out a little bit over here does that look like an eyeball to anyone else, perhaps the eyeball of something divine, is this inception?! I really don't understand this fully though is earth going to get hit by an asteroid? Some seriously crazy stuff going on in our solar system I think someone needs to regulate.

Check out the video though it is pretty sweet to watch with that nice ambience.

Westboro Baptist Church Sucks

Listen I'm all for what this dude in the truck does because these Westboro Baptist Fucks are the shittiest of the shittiest. But come on man if your going for it go all out that one pepper spray seemed pretty weak. It appeared that they didnt even realize what was going on no one moved for a good 10 seconds. If it was me I would of had my homies in the back of the truck blasting them with squirt guns filled with skunk semen or something. Dont ask how I would acquire said semen, but I know some people who know some midgets who know a family of skunks that own them a favor, one of those deals.

Regardless if there is anything I learned this summer while fighting Johnny law its that this is something they would at least give you a minute head start to get away. What would you have done to these bastards?

FYI they were protesting in front of a marines funeral. Who the fuck does that.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekender's Top iPod Jams

Since Ben usually does some of the heavier stuff, I thought I'd throw down some indie and acoustic and whatever else comes to mind.

Just heard this song the other day, haven't even heard the real version, but the acoustic version is amazing. So simple, amazing melody, especially during the chorus.

Next song is one I can't get out of my head, by a pretty solid band, The New Pornographers. They have an awesome sound, with some real good songs mixed in, this being one of them.

For the country fans out there, I've been big into The Band Perry lately, and I'm all about the simplicity of this song, just a good listen.

One, fun band called 'fun.' Two, music video involved a mob of girls running around, so its gold.

Chain E-Mail: Guy Wants To Renew Gym Membership

I almost completely forgot about this guy, but came across some of his letters tonight. The first time I read this, I was sitting at a desk in a cubicle at the insurance company I worked at for 3 summers...nearly passed out trying to hold my laughter in. Enjoy.

From:Jeff Peters
Date: Wednesday 8 April 2009 10.22am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Membership Renewal

Dear David

This is a friendly reminder to let you know your gym membership expired last week. Your membership is important to us and we would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation by offering you a 20% discount on your membership renewal. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

All the best, Jeff Peters

From: David Thorne
Date: Wednesday 8 April 2009 1.37pm
To: Jeff Peters
Subject: Re: Membership Renewal

Dear Jeff,

Thankyou for your friendly reminder and the kind offer to reduce my membership by twenty percent. I own a calculator but I could not work out how to do percentages on it so have estimated that I save around $372.10 off the normal price of $420.00 - Please confirm that this is correct and I will renew my membership immediately.

Also, do I get a Fitness First sports bag with towel and drinking bottle included in the price? I own my own legwarmers and headband.

Regards, David.

From: Jeff Peters
Date: Thursday 9 April 2009 10.01am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Hello David

How did you come to that amount? Our half year membership fees are actually $460 but with the 20% discount as an existing member your renewing membership fee would be only $368 for the six months saving you almost $100 off the normal price. We are not Fitness First so do not have those bags.

Cheers, Jeff

From: David Thorne
Date: Thursday 9 April 2009 10.18am
To: Jeff Peters
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Dear Jeff

Do I get free shipping with that?

Regards, David.

From: Jeff Peters
Date: Thursday 9 April 2009 12.48pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Free shipping with what? The $368 covers your membership fees for six months.

From: David Thorne
Date: Thursday 9 April 2009 2.26pm
To: Jeff Peters
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Dear Jeff

By the power of Greyskull that is a lot of money but I admit to being in desperate need of increasing my body strength. My ten year old child often turns the taps off in the bathroom very tightly and I have to go several days without washing.

I feel bad constantly having to ask the lady from next door to come over and loosen them for me, what with her arthritis and limited wheelchair access to my apartment. To be honest, I originally joined your gym with full intentions of attending every few days but after waiting in vain for someone to offer me steroids, I began to suspect this was not going to happen and the realisation that I may have to exercise instead was, quite frankly, horrifying.

My aversion to work, along with the fact one of your employees, Justin, was rather rude, telling me to 'lift this', ''push that' dulled my initial enthusiasm of becoming muscular and I stopped attending.

Regards, David.

From: Jeff Peters
Date: Friday 10 April 2009 9.17am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Hello David

Not sure how to take your email, nobody here would offer you steroids, it is illegal and none of our staff would do this. Justin is one of our most experienced trainers and if you found him rude while he was trying to be helpful and just doing his job then there are plenty of other gyms you could look at joining instead.

Cheers, Jeff

From: David Thorne
Date: Friday 10 April 2009 10.02am
To: Jeff Peters
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Dear Jeff

Yes, I have noticed that there are many gyms in my area. I assume the low qualification requirements of fitness trainers means that there is an over supply of these buffed but essentially otherwise purposeless professionals.

I knew a guy in high school who couldn't talk very well and collected sticks, he used to call the teacher 'mum' and during recess we would give him money to dance. Then sell him sticks to get our money back.

He went on to become a fitness instructor so I view gyms as kind of like those factories that provide a community service by employing people with down syndrome to lick stamps and pack boxes. Except with more Spandex obviously.

Regards, David.

From: Jeff Peters
Date: Friday 10 April 2009 10.32am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Go f$*k yourself.

From: David Thorne
Date: Friday 10 April 2009 11.38am
To: Jeff Peters
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Dear Jeff

I was, at first, quite surprised at your response; one minute you are inviting me to renew my membership and asking me for money, the next insulting me. After doing a little research however, I have learnt that mood swings are an expected side effect of steroid abuse.

As another side effect is a reduction in the size of your p#$%, this gives you understandable cause to be an angry person. I have also learnt that Spandex contains carcinogenic properties so this does not bode well for yourself and your shiny friends.

If I woke up one morning and my p#$% was a quarter of the size I would probably take my anger out on those around me as well.

There are probably support groups or websites that could help you manage your problem more effectively and picture based books available on the subject for people with limited reading skills. When I am angry I like to Listen to music by Linkin Park. The added angst and desire to cut myself works similarly to the way firefighters fight forest fires by burning off sections, effectively canceling each other out and I find myself at peace.

I understand that you guys usually listen to Pet Shop Boys or Frankie Goes to Hollywood so this may be worth a try.

Regards, David.

From: Jeff Peters
Date: Friday 10 April 2009 1.04pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due


From: David Thorne
Date: Friday 10 April 2009 1.15pm
To: Jeff Peters
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due


From: Jeff Peters
Date: Friday 10 April 2009 1.25pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

Is that you being a smartarse or agreeing not to email me again?

From: David Thorne
Date: Friday 10 April 2009 1.32pm
To: Jeff Peters
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Membership Renewal Due

The middle one.

You Can Dance If You Want To

I was completely lost on this video. I'm not gonna knock the dance moves though, because there have been times when I've resorted to THE FORK, IN THE GARRRRBAGE DISPOSAL! That's life, though, right?

Plans For Expansion

No, this has nothing to do with the greatest computer game of all time. But we figure we're doing pretty good here at The Weekend, and we're ready to drop the ".blogspot" and get ourselves a domain name and everything.

Keep an eye out for some changes around the blog. Trust us, things are only going to get better. If you want to know more about random stuff we're doing in our daily lives, because people seem to be really into that sort of thing, then we just set up a Twitter for you.


We'll keep you guys updated, and hopefully you'll follow us even further down the road.

And here's a video of the intro to "Diddy Kong Racing." You love it...

The Best Advice You'll Ever Get

Dear Impressionable Minds,

As the one year anniversary of my graduation has come and gone and I return to the hallowed halls of academia (courtesy of a redeye flight, 1 layover, and an over-priced plane ticket), I find myself thinking of what specific articles of knowledge I would not be graced with had I not taken the leap in to higher knowledge (and an exciting leap in to debt at a low fixed interest rate.)

Freshman year is an incredible time in a student's life. A year full of ambition, hope, confidence, virginity, and many other things certain to be crushed by mid-terms. These exciting first few weeks offer the opportunity for new friends, budding romances, and experiences of a life time. But before you fill yourself up on too much over-priced cafeteria delights, allow me to share some things that I learned in an effort to save you some time:

*. Take a mental note of your "bros" and "girls" that you'll be heading to a party with this weekend; if you're still hanging out with more than half of them : congratulations. You have defied odds; and other people are probably talking shit about how weird you all are (don't worry, the shit talking holds true for 95% of what I'm about to say. I'm leaving most of it out going forward so that you don't have to feel like I'm as disappointed in you as your parents are for not going their alma mater(s). You wouldve looked like a queer in those colors anyway).

*. That girl down the hall that you think is flirting with you is not. She's using you because she hopes you know an upper-classman who you can convince to buy her a $8 handle of booze. Ps she's probably banging your roommate.

*. Playing (insert game console of choice) everytime you're not in class makes you a loser. Having your door open while you're doing it only makes things worse. Go make yourself a cocktail and study in the library. (What? You never rewarded yourself for studyIng?)

*. Pay attention to how long your laundry cycles last. If you come back and your shits on the ground or on top of the washer: its no ones fault but your own. Just be thankful that it hasn't been urinated on (College kids are fucking disgusting).

*. Don't be afraid to make friends with the cleaning crew that you see in the mornings, you never know when you'll need a favor. They essentially have keys to every door on campus: this can be helpful.

*. If you don't plan on going to grad school, your GPA and major is practically irrelevant once you graduate. "C's get degrees."

These little nuggets of truth can hopefully get you on the path to enlightment. I hope you all take note of this information as it may get you further than the douche bag down the hall who things everyone wants to listen to the same music that he does. Now on the flipside, if you found my suggestions lame and inapplicable: I couldn't care less. I can actually afford to buy Grey Goose; I don't need to run the aforementioned $8 handle through a brita filter to make it taste less like rubbing alcohol.

With that being said, I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors and hope to see you among the ranks of recent college graduates who hate their jobs.

Hugs and kisses,

Uncle Jeff

Lester vs Price

Huge match-up tonight at The Trop. The tied-for-first-place Tampa Bay Rays will host the Sox for 3 game that could be huge for Boston. We trail by 5 and a half games in the AL East, and are in desperate need of a hot streak. Hell, if we don't start that streak here, we'll be in serious trouble.

Tonight's pitching match-up has the league's top 2 lefties in Jon Lester (13-8) and David Price (15-5) doing battle head-to-head. This could potentially be one of the most important games of the year.

In other news, Dustin Pedroia is walking around with a boot on that injured foot of his, and will know if he needs surgery in a week.

7:10 on NESN, Sox vs Rays.

Go Sox.

Dan Bellino Is A Chump

When Adrian Beltre was struck out by Felix Hernandez, the two friends proceeded to trash talk each other, Beltre telling Hernandez that he got one, but the next time he would take Hernandez deep over the Monster. Home plate umpire Dan Bellino, just called up from Triple-A to umpire in the MLB, had no idea what was going on, and thought the talk was directed at him, so he threw Beltre out of the game.

Beltre, competely stunned, freaked out on Bellino, demanding and explanation, that the moron couldn't give him, because he didn't think it through.

Terry Francona then stormed out of the dugout demanding an explanation, but fellow umpire, Angel Hernandez shielded Pellino from Tito.

"He's protecting the young umpire. I guess they have their sort of code or whatever, like we do," said Francona. "I guess I figure if a guy's old enough to throw you out, he's old enough to get yelled at. I just wanted an explanation."

Apparently age has nothing to do with maturity. The call was made without thinking, and Pellino had no answer for why he came to such a quick decision. He was clearly just nervous and that's all he could do to get himself out. Either way, get this clown out of here, its bad enough with the umpires the MLB already has.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Shout-Out(s)

Happy Thursday, and happy birthday to these fine people. Feel free to celebrate any way you see fit. Cheers.

Lil Chris
Elvis Andrus
Jamal Lewis
Morgan Ensburg
Stan van Gundy
Will Shortz
Mother Teresa
Princess Alexandra of Bavaria

Southern Giant

Now I followed this story pretty well but I still cant figure out the part about why she had to drop out of school. Was it really cause she couldn't fit on the bus because that sounds like some weak shit to me, buses are huge people she clearly just wants to skip class. Playing off this giant thing to skip out on algebra she is probably wearing stilts. Even if she really is this large why the hell is she not playing basketball and just dunking on hoochies. Her new dream needs to be make it to the WNBA, although those broke bastards probably wont pay much.

You Go, Marvin

God I cant even believe this chick acting like she had something important to say. Listen lady don't interrupt my boy Marvins life story with that rude bull shit "see what I mean". You better mean that M dog is the most bad ass playa on the streets these days just trying to live his life and keep the haters at bay. The audacity of some people these days just amazes me.

What was that little comment Marvin left on like don't matter I'll be dead in 2 years. Damn homie what a way to exit from that speech like if I started saying shit like that after every short convo with people it would really leave them wondering. Like wtf is going on in two years, where did he get that figure and I hope its not true but shit if it is thats fucked up he knows. It really opens a pandora's box of questions I just can't delve into right now.

WHAT!?!? I just noticed that Marvin rolled in squad deep with a homie in the back that is rocking the most boss stache out there. The way he was grilling that chick at the end is unreal, crossed arms and a Medusa stare. This guy needs to be a celebrity body guard for real, damn I wont be able to sleep well tonight.

(If the video freezes I found for some weird reason if I kept wiggling my mouse I could watch her straight through)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Party Hardy

Huffingtonpost: An Oregon State University offensive lineman has been dismissed from the team after police say they found him naked and intoxicated in a stranger's home and had to use stun guns to take him into custody......Thomas refused and instead dropped into a three-point stance like a football player and lunged at the officers, Brewer said. At that point, he said, two officers fired their stun guns.

Fuck it if I'm going out this is the way its going down, naked three point stance lunge at several officers in a strangers home. If that doesn't spell party animal then I'm illiterate. Honestly though how does one end up in a strangers home butt ass naked, and furthermore what do you do if you stumble across this. And I don't understand why this dude was dismissed from his football team for this. I mean to me it seems like he was just practicing up for the big game. It's a display of no fear charging butt naked at two cops just to clear a lane for your RB. I applaud you sir, and if I ever get an NFL team your first on my list of calls.

Wrestler Promo Of The Week + PSA

You know I was mid light of a butt then this came on and I just couldn't go through with smoking it. Sure its cool to do now and it will probably get me mad poon but damnnit 5 or 10 years down the road I dont wanna be gobbling down ciggies like this guy. I mean jesus bro take a chill pill and step away from the 95 cigs in your mouth, nose, ears, and any other cavity on your body.

Really though if I owned my own business just to be a dick I would hire this guy to pop out in the smokers area and give this rant then just apperate back into nothingness. Perfect way to keep my employees staying healthy. Hell maybe I'll have him toss some veggies out too.

Dude Watching TV Actually Calls LPGA Officials To DQ Someone

YahooSports.com - Inkster was disqualified from the Safeway Classic on Saturday afternoon for a rules violation, but that's not the real story. The more interesting element is how she was caught.

First, the story. Inkster was playing well -- just three strokes behind leader Ai Miyazato -- when she hit a traffic jam on the 10th hole of the Pumpkin Ridge course. With a 30-minute wait stretching out before her, she attached a small "doughnut" weight to her nine-iron and swung to stay loose, much like a batter in the on-deck circle.

However, unlike a batter in the on-deck circle, a golfer can't use a weight like that during competition; it's illegal to use a training aid during play. And so Inkster was disqualified once she finished her round.

But here's the kicker: the LPGA found out thanks to a tip from a keen-eyed television viewer. This oh-so-helpful soul called tournament officials, and after consultation with the United States Golf Association, the LPGA decided that Inkster had to go.

First of all, who legitimately watches the LPGA? Not that I have anything against women's golf, I just find golf only enjoyable on like a late Saturday or Sunday of a big men's tournament, when there are about 15 people right at the top of the leaderboard. But apparently, this stooge pays attention to every minute detail of the LPGA, and cares about the integrity of the game so much, that he called officials to tell them to disqualify one of the golfers.

Unreal, sir. I hope that you're happy with yourself. You have amazing eye-sight, and a serious lack of anything better to do with your sad life.

Just Another Day In Japan

What are they feeding those guys over there? It wasn't even a month ago when we saw a catch similar to this go rifling through the Internet. I just don't understand why there are ledges on all of the walls for dudes to just climb on, but hey, its Japan. Kudos to this yahoo, and like the last guy to make a catch like this, enjoy it, because that's a once in a lifetime snag.

And what make this play even more amazing? That's right, the full marching band blaring in the background during the it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sox Put A Claim Damon

Now if you're like me, then you're probably wondering what the hell is going on, and why would the Red Sox do this? Hold your horses, because he's not on the team yet. Johnny Damon will have til Wednesday to decide if he wants to come to Boston.

The Detroit Tigers placed Johnny Damon on waivers, and the Red Sox immediately placed a claim on him. The Red Sox' intentions are unclear as to whether they want to keep Damon, or just prevent him from going to another contender like the Rays. The Sox are in need of an outfielder with experience, but a source close to Damon doubts that he'll make a return to Boston.

Some Random Videos To Buy Us Some Time Til The Next Real Blogworthy Post (And Also The Weekend's Longest Title So Far!)

It's a quick video, but that's textbook Hollywood car chase style right there. That's something that can't be taught, you just gotta be born with skillz like that. I saw the headline, and I was thinking it was sarcastic, so, like anybody would, I thought the driver was asian...or just a woman. But lo and behold, shaZAAM, the dude is a professional. It's only 10 seconds, but I can bet you'll spend a few minutes watching it.

Ignoring the fact that that panda could rip a man's face off without breaking a sweat, how cute is this guy? Not only is this a dancing panda, but the video is set to the greatest song of all time. (See Hide Ya Kids...)

I understand ice cream is better with friends. But I've never found it more satisfying to be in the company of elephants or in a hot air balloon. Notice how I'm completely skipping the fact that this ice cream is called Gaytime, because pointing this out and making fun of it would be like beating a dead horse.

I don't care who you are, if you don't enjoy this video, you probably don't have a pulse...or eyes.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Infomercial Of The Week

First of all, if this lady's a doctor, then I must be a blue and orange zebra.

Not our strongest showing for Infomercial of the Week, but what makes this video is the random background images that are thrown up there. Just wait until it's time for lift-off, are you kidding me...? Fortunately for you, this one comes with some candid confessions! These "self-respecting" girls give some time to ExtaMax to share their opinions. What they don't tell us is if their parents loved them enough...

Sweet Lou Retires

There's a lot to be said about class acts in an age where they are hard to come by. Well don't worry, I beat Google to it's job and got you a perfect example: Lou Piniella. Double take eh? Yeah, I said Lou Piniella.

He wasn't planning to pull a LeBron and announce it mid-season but was forced to when some assholes at the NY Daily News leaked it. I can't imagine ol' Lou not getting into the Hall of Fame.

He held a mediocre record at best as a manager flirting with a .518 winning percentage, and 1835 wins as a manager which is good for 14th all time. I don't care what anyone says, anyone that puts up with the BS that MLB is always good for, for about 40 years deserves some recognition. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that he led the Reds to a 1990 World Series win, and was voted 3 times manager of the year?

Sweet Lou managed his Cubs to a 16-5 loss to Atlanta in his final game. He planned on retiring at the end of the season, but is cutting that short due to the continuing weakness of his mother. In Lou's eyes, family always comes first. His mother probably has a better shot of surviving, anyway.

-Thanks to Big Cat for the post

Jay Marrioti Sucks

For any of you who have watched "Around the Horn" on ESPN, or have listened to Ozzie Guillen (well, listened and actually understood amidst the broken english and bleeps,) you know who Jay Marrioti is. The Windy City Douche Bag.

Well, things just got better for Jay. He was arrested at 4:30am Saturday morning on charges of allegedly attacking his girlfriend. I have a hard time believing that, only because why the fuck would any woman date Jay Marrioti?!

The waste of life was being held of $50,000 bail. Domestic abuse will probably lose you a seat next to Woody Paige and Tony Reali there, chief. Just sayin'...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sox Walk-Off, 5-4 (11)

Jed Lowrie, who was supposed to be the Opening Day starting shortstop, is doing just fine as a backup middle-infielder. Plagued with mononucleosis for most of this season, the road back to the big leagues was tough. But of late, he's been on a pretty good tear.

Matsuzaka and Romero both gave up 4 runs in their respective starts tonight at Fenway, and the relievers kept the offenses at bay until the 11th, when Lowrie went deep into the Sox bullpen.

Rubber match tomorrow from Boston, Clay Buccholz (14-5) against Shaun Marcum (11-6). Go Sox


Manny Ramirez, just activated from the DL with a calf strain, might be headed back East. The Dodgers could potentially decide to put the 38-year-old left fielder on waivers, with Tampa Bay being a frontrunner to place a waiver claim on him. It would be quite the risk for the Rays, as they would have to pay some of his remaining $4 million, and give up some prospects for the slugger.

Given Manny's track record, its a tough call. Ramirez would have to waive his no-trade clause for a deal to go through as well. All of this should play out in the next few days, so stay tuned.


Who does this bull think he is? Bull, you're not Ron Artest, get the hell out of there. Remind me to never go to a bullfight ever again. I went to one in Mexico, huge mistake. It's cool for all of 30 seconds, until they just start stabbing it, and there's blood everywhere. It's like a train wreck, really.

I mean, the ups that bull had though? Could've made the Miami Heat that much better. He just went stir-crazy waiting for his big break, I guess. It happens...


What were you thinking, dude? Bobby Knight's chair incident: completely okay. He threw a chair onto the court with no one within striking distance. This guy? Chair into a huge crowd of people, with the alley-oop off a guy's head 2 feet away from him.

Not okay, but there is one positive thing. To defend that first big guy, several players decided grabbing his face and twisting it was a proper defense. Go back and check it out.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pedey's Back On The DL

8 days after coming back from the DL with a broken foot, Dustin Pedroia is back down, this time only with soreness. Either way you slice it, he'll be missing at least another 15 games, which puts the Sox without their former-MVP second basemen into the 2nd week of September.

Facing the Blue Jays tonight, Jon Lester will try to chalk up another W as the top two home run hitting teams in baseball square off. The Red Sox are 6 and a half games out of the AL East.

I Miss Hockey

I miss hockey like a pregnant teenage misses her period. Those refs must've felt like rodeo clowns at a rodeo gone horribly wrong. Donald Brashear getting things start...Everyone else getting them finished. That's what hockey is all about. Mark Recchi getting in on the action a few times, gotta love it.

And You Thought Your Day Sucked...

"I like him way more, but he likes him, too." I don't care if Kanye West saved me and my entire family from a burning building surrounded by dragons and spiders, I still wouldn't do this to see him. But oh my god, is it funny! This should've won some award for the biggest twist is radio history!

It's going as great as this bullshit can go right up until, WHAP! Sleeping with her sister! CAN YOU DIG IT?!? I know the video's 9 minutes long, but you need to watch every second. I'm giddy like a damn schoolgirl waiting for the big moment. Enjoy.


Get Real, Bieber

StarPulse.com - Justin Bieber is hoping to make magic with Harry Potter star Emma Watson - the pop singer has invited her to "hang out" with him after one of his concerts.

The 16-year-old chart sensation has a crush on the British actress, insisting he respects her decision to take a break from movies and enroll in college. And the Baby hitmaker has reached out to the 20 year old, urging her to come to one of his shows so they can become acquainted.

He says, "I would love to take her out for dinner. It would be great if she could come to one of my concerts, then we could hang out afterwards. I love the fact she is one of the biggest female movie stars, but has chosen to go back to college. It shows she is really grounded and normal."

Get the hell outta here, Bieber. Go date "iCarly" or something, Watson's way out of your league. You're not going to go to college, and even if you are, it won't be for another two years. She's not going to hang out with you, stop trying to make 13-year-old girls jealous, and give up this charade. What, are you going to take her out to dinner in the car you don't have or can't drive? Is she going to pick you up, choose the restaurant, and then decline your offer to scissor from the passenger seat of her car before your curfew? Get real.


Prized feathers, check. Valuable metals, check. Head dress, check. chest paint, check. Get me two chairs and some flashy spandex and I'm about to slay this go my son dance move. Dancing with the stars needs to get this guy on the show and I'm talking asap. He would bring a whole new element to the game incorporating fancy Native American dress accompanied by killer dance moves. Simply unreal.

North Korea is Gay


Look at this shit, first off North Korea can't even get 100 friends on facebook, although I'm not that surprised they have always kinda been dicks. But still this is facebook people even the biggest douchebags can get at least 100 other douchebag friends. Then come to find out North Korea is interested in Men. Ahhh its all starting to make sense now they have just been acting out because they feel misunderstood. Well N Korea its okay buddy we will accept you just the way you are, just as long as stop being a dick and trying to blow up the world and shit.

Best Phone Call Ever?

There's just so much here I don't know where to begin. first and foremost I'm wondering what transpired earlier in the conversation I feel that there was some vital information we missed leading into this. Or did this dude just break out of normal talk to try and slip in a oh yeah no big deal but "I fucked this girl tonight". Regardless how rude was snookie when she said "I'm listening you stupid ass". I know this guy just cheated on you but come on you couldnt see that coming with that terrible display of phone etiquette.

But how perfect did they time that music a little piano some eery stings and boom the mood is set for whats about to go down. She breaks the news and the music really starts to pick up pace, god just perfect. And come to find out this guy was just totally pulling her chain, hah typical bro move Call up you GF tell her you cheated on her then pull the ol ahahhh gotcha!! Thats where I dont understand snookies reaction I mean he was clearly joking, right? So that barbaric scream there at the end seemed completely unnecessary. Also the whole yelling on the phone and hanging up when he is mid sentence only furthers the point that she doesnt know how to use a phone properly. Do us a favor Snookie go get some manners then call us back.

Seriously though what a guy, its best that they parted ways a man of his comedic genius doesnt deserve that treatment.