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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greatest Chugger Ever? You Decide.

Watch out college frats... Homeslice right here is going to be busting down your door and chugging anything in sight. "Oh, what's that your drinking right there, guy?" BOOM, shit's chugged by the time you can respond.

You just know the ladies are swarming this guy at social events when he starts putting down whatever liquid is near him in record time. Black wifebeater, chug skills of a god, Guns'n'Roses blaring where ever his presence may be. Game over, folks. Thanks for coming out. Yeaaaahhhh!!!!

Wait, no... No, it can't be! HE'S AT IT AGAIN, MAKE IT STOP!


  1. yo kiiiiid
    just flashing his guns left and right. victory is imminent when this man steps up to the bottle

  2. i think his teeth are rotting.....

  3. I would quite literally never get into the chugging ring with this crazy S.O.B, I saw this video and immediately had to go chug everything in my house minus my diabetic cat.

  4. hard to chug without a chin

  5. this is some weak ass chugging. i'm going to demand video of my friend chugging to put this tool in his place.

  6. Show us the video and its on.....