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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Foot Has Six Fingers!?!

I literally cannot say anything to make this video any better. Priceless quote after priceless quote, are you kidding me?

However, I do feel like this guy is perhaps the toughest bastard I have seen in a minute. Not only was he trying to call coyotes...who the hell does that, just goes out into the woods and tries calling wild coyotes...but he 'rough talked' Big Foot so bad, there was no choice for this outcast beast but to run back to where he came from. As if it doesn't get any worse than this allegedly Big Foot has six fingers. Not only is this thing an absolute monster but he has six fingers and 'beautiful blonde hair'.

Lets get to the real point of this post though: I want to meet/drink whatever moonshine this guy is throwing back and go call coyotes in the back woods of North Carolina. Can anyone make that happen for me?

Prop's to tkiz for the video.

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