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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot v. Not: Summer 2010 Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Don't call it a comeback. After an unannounced, unplanned, and probably unnoticed hiatus, I have returned to the Weekend to bring a little firepower with Jon out of town. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts from me in the future... I'd like to think I bring a little pizazz to the table.

Without further ado... here is your Hot v. Not for the sweltering summer of 2010. Look no further for advice on how to stay cool, pun intended.


Kid Cudi__________________________________Billy the Kid
Drunk History____________________Any Other Kind of History
Miley (Can't Be Tamed)_______________Miley (Nobody's Perfect)
Paul the Oracle Octopus__________________Pete the Blind Squid
The Bieber_____________________________The Angry Beavers
Silly Bandz_________________________Nickleback Cover Bands
Toy Story 3____________________________Walt Disney's Head

That's it for now. Real talk.

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