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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vegetables, Vegetables, Vegetables!!!!!!!!

Warning: This video is perhaps the funniest shit I have seen on the internet in a minute. How this hasn't gone absolutely viral, I'm talking at least a million hits, is beyond me.

Not only did I learn the finer things of fashion from this clip, but I now have an absolutely unbreakable appreciation for breathing. I was pretty close to having a hernia from laughing at Yogi Okie Dokie and his farm friends. That Rasta Rooster can come party with me any day of the week. There are some pretty rad dance moves I picked up that I can add to my repertoire instead of just busting the stanky leg out every time the track changes. Really though, I will stanky leg to anything, I hear two spoons banging in a somewhat rhythmic manner and its over, instincts kick in and I'm prisoner to the stank.

All joking aside should I call someone or something? To me it seems like Yogi Okie Dokie is doing some not so okie dokie creepy pedophile shit out on his farm with the rooster and Milky the Cow. When he says 'nice breathing, Christian' in a that menacing voice my laughter came to an abrupt hault, but then this guy goes on and does the 'chicken scratching in the dirt' move and I nearly collapsed with laughter. I'm just looping this video over and over again and still can't believe its real. Check it out though if you don't laugh you probably don't have a belly button and should never read this cutting-edge blog ever again.

Just a quick side note, do you think this guy does kids parties, perhaps bachelor events? If so I would love to hire him with all my buddies and sip a few cold ones and laugh as him and is band of misfits puts on the most entertaining show of my life.

Also thanks Steve for putting me on to this.

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