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Monday, July 19, 2010

This Guy

Dude used to live in a 4,000 square foot house with his family growing up, and now lives in an 89 square foot house. Picture that real fast. If you were to lay down and extend your arms over your head, that's longer than the width, pretty much. They don't show the guys bed though, so I'm not sure what happens there.

Either way, the chances of this guy shacking up with anyone are completely out the window, ya know? Basically watch the first minute of the video, and drop out once that 2nd nutcase comes in.

And does anyone else wish he explained why he named his house 'Tumbleweed?!' I can see naming a car, or naming your dog or something, but why would you name your house, and why the hell would you name it Tumbleweed?

1 comment:

  1. and they say don't shit where you eat. I feel like a nice ripe #2 would ruin his day