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Our Mission

Alright, so let's get down to business. We're in blog city over here for the people. We're here to give the people what they want. Ask not what you can do for your blog, but what your blog can do for you. The Weekenders are on a mission.

We've been making a little bit of money on this blog, which we've needed because we're struggling to find jobs. But once we get back into the swing of things at school, we're looking to hit the ground running. With the money we make off the blog, we're looking to give it back to you guys

How, you ask? Through parties, t-shirts and basically everything but the kitchen sink. What the hell, one lucky dude or gal could win a kitchen sink. We need your support.

All we're asking, is that you come visit our page, maybe throw it in your 'Favorites' folder or something, look around, and click on anything you find interesting. Right now, we have 14 faithful Weekenders following us. We're looking for more. Keep the e-mails coming to the7dayweekendguys@gmail.com, and if this thing really gets hot, we're gonna party like its 1999.