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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yo Soy "La Pequena"

Wow, so many questions left unanswered here. First off, why is miniature Hilary Clinton so disappointed in the people of the U.S? Why didn't this video win some sort of award? The angles, the slow motion, and the drama; this is a can't-beat YouTube clip with an all-star cast and DAMNIT it needs some recognition!

Who invited that dominatrix-looking bro that stumbles in the video towards the end, there, to contain 'La Pequena.' What the hell dude? It was just getting good. I was confident Hilary Hulk was going to pick up that table and toss it through a wall or some shit. Also, it appears to me this has to be a three-person operation: we got the dominatrix-looking character, La Pequena (who has a whole series of YouTube videos), then a mystery cameraman. The way I see it, it has to be M. Night with that wild dominatrix twist of an ending. Any thoughts on who this mystery film genius is?

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