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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Look, the only thing I've ever written on here about LeBron has been about how Dalonte West was reportedly banging his mom. Now, I'm looking to be a journalist, so I know I have to take an objective stance on matters, get all sides of the story, and deliver an honest, unbiased report. But since this is my blog...

I think the NBA is a joke. I think it's a bunch of overpaid, over-idolized drama queens who run (not dribble) up and down the floor for 48 minutes, providing no more entertainment to me than a tennis match or the first round of a golf tournament, and the only joy I get out of that is knowing that there is a real time limit, and the game can put itself out of its misery. That being said, there are certain players that I enjoy watching, namely Shaquille O'Neal, but overall, I find it to be sickening.

A few weeks ago, I posted a video on the blog from Youtube, showing clips of Michael Jordan, and his utterly dominating career. Basketball isn't going to be the same, so stop comparing players in the League today to His Airness. Kobe Bryant, yes, you're good. Are you Michael Jordan good? Hell no. LeBron James. six time All-Star, one scoring title, two MVPs in seven years. And the championships. All those glorious championships, and those shiny ri- ...oh, that's right. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nil, none.

I'll admit I watched LeBronapalooza tonight, just to see the spectacle. What the hell was that? He sat down, talked about his summer, then said he was going to South Beach. All that was missing was some different cheeses and some party hats, and Greenwich would've been partying all night long after the big announcement.

Really, I mean, I understand everything revolves around money nowadays, but I just don't understand why James was allowed to go on ESPN at the nine o'clock hour to say 4 words. Did he buy that time, or did ESPN ask him to do it, because either way, that's idiotic! That's all you can say really.

If you're going to do this, then make it into a full show, like the draft or something, and have all the free agents decide on the same day where they're going, because apparently the team's interests are out the window with the "big name players." If they want a spot, they're getting a spot, huh? Unreal

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