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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Weekenders: Old Commercial of the Week

"Hey pop goes the weasel, everybody knows the weasel blows". That line, that guy, those pickles, and a fish sandwhich followed by a smoke!?! Where is this drive-in theater, I'm trying to get there ASAP. Really though, that popcorn guy is beyond classic, he must have made it huge in Hollywood after this commercial, no doubt about it.

I love how they serve pickles here, nice juicy dill pickles. Was that a thing back in the 80's, just serving up pickles at random locations? Oh, you're taking a leak in a public bathroom? How about you have yourself a dill pickle? Walking through the park? Pow! Dill pickle vender on the corner. Then there is that nice long shot of a fish sandwhich, that shot almost got more air time then the classic popcorn guy, what the hell is up with that?

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