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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Infomercial of the Week

I thought we would never see the day, where blacks and whites, hell, even hispanics can shop and get along side by side. But I'm pretty sure Johnny AKA 10 Gauge was not happy about saying his mattress was perfect for a black person, he practically whispers that shit.

Then we got Richard, or better known in the streets as Bighead who is just all jacked up on pumpin' iron and forcing awkward interracial handshakes. Finally, to tie it all together, those two scrawny mofo's just slaying the chorus. So much soul, so much passion, I love it. I may just have take a trip down to the Red House right now.

Oh, and I'm fairly sure they used Tyrone Biggums to shake 10 Gauge's hand, probably offered him a free crack rock to be in this commercial.


  1. old commercial BC, that shit was racist/funny 3 years ago

  2. Yeah you got me, I'm trying to do some catching up. I'll get some hot new vid's, no worries.