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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kenny Buck Says

Okay Ken Buck, I think you may have just tallied one more vote towards you in the polls. Can you really blame this guy, though? I mean, a woman did try and ask a very complex question, basically calling out his manhood. How else would he have responded? The beautiful bullshit analogy was sheer genius, as well as when the member of the audience tried to take it even further with the whole, 'but you ain't got bullshit on the inside of yer' shoes!' Brilliant! If this man doesn't make it to office stomping around in his shitty cowboy boots all over Capitol Hill, I don't know who will.


1 comment:

  1. hey is that real bullshit on his boots? you betcha he is a man who don't wear no high heels! I am glad Tea parties exist so i can still hate conservatives even while they are not in power. It is like they pondered " how can we still be relevant, wrong and still giant assholes? " Oh I know we blame the guy in charge and claim our ideas are better and they'll fix everything even though we don;t know shit. Most of us Americans are soo stupid we would elect this guy, which is the sad part.