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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Size Does Matter...

LET'S GO! I'm all jazzed up after watching this. Listen, I don't know who Goldberg is but he better be writing a serious apology for fracturing this brotha man's face.

I love this shit. First off, the interviewer is not even close to done asking his question or whatever he was doing and then BAM!! MuscleMania needs no more introduction and just starts yelling on the mic. So priceless when wannabe George Costanza jumps back in fright. I figured it would go on like that for the rest of the clip but oh no, I was wrong. Midway through he starts breaking down some serious astronomy shit about being able to view the big dipper 47 degrees through the stratosphere then something about a flux capacitor.

I'm pretty sure he started trying to rhyme there, too, at one point. All I know is that the big bad booty daddy is here to stay whether you like it or not, bitch.

Oh and lets pray to god Jumping Jeff Farmer isn't this 'Goldberg' Muscles is talking about.

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