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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Funky Monkeys Are Coming

Hey take it easy, your on third street. I cant get enough this roller coaster of emotion that this guy takes us on. At first he is all inquisitive and shit, I have never seen a man so truly interested in skateboarding, sold that act 100%. Then Bam! gears shift and he starts preaching about space movies he makes and his company, Bellamafia-QuackafellaRecords IncoporatedBy-RhymeSyndicate-3yellowmen-TrillioinaireClub. Whom I actually have seen a few of their space films and I gotta say, shits on point. Then just when you think it can't get any more un-real he pops it into another gear of pure craziness. All around wonderful performance.

But I mean this shits for real, this guy is thinking Big, taking over the world and creating another porno/contraceptive porn label all at once. I haven't personally seen any of Butt Naked Wonda Big Brotha Thunda and the Masta blasta's work, but I hear its a work of art and terrifies little boys into never having sex again.

P.S. I hear his up coming space motion picture is a BIG nut bust. Eat our shit and suck our dick!

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