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Monday, July 19, 2010

Stephon Marbury, Ladies and Gents

So this out of this world footage was shot a while back, when Stephon Marbury was doing a live 24-hour stream of himself. See, he tries to throw us for a loop at the begining there by looking all contemplative and shit, finger to the forehead, head cocked to the side. Just when you think he is going to drop some real deep shit on you, the world turns upside down and things get nutty.

All of a sudden, dudes are passing him Vaseline out of thin air. He starts tossing up fake promos for Vaseline yelling cut the check over and over. Then when it couldn't get any stranger, he eats some of the Vaseline because some old senile lady whom one of his buddies knows claims it cures sore throats. Hey Starbury, I heard from a buddy who heard from a dude, that eating the roach gets you more high.

Psshh unreal, Also just to put this out there The7dayweekend posted La Pequena way before that amateur site Barstool did (Midget Dancer), tally that, 1 TheWeekend - 0 Barstool, its on.

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