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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ron Artest Sucks At Life

Here it is folks: "Ron Artest - Champions" AKA 'Nails on a Chalkboard'

First off Ronny, Shaq is the only Laker allowed to rap. Period. That being said, I hate everything about this guy except when he punched that fan in the face, pretty entertaining. There is a whole laundry list of problems with this video.

First, being that it just sucks. Second, its shot with some handy-cam and is mad shaky, and third, there are legit no chicks just getting buck wild. Everyone knows that the most wild rap videos have 'video hoes.' Its just Rap Video 101. Not only have you not incorporated these 'video hoes,' you subsequently hurt the economy by not employing these hard working ladies.

Also whats the deal with homie in the back seat who I think sings the chorus. Pretty sure I could kick a field goal between the gap in his teeth, or is he just missing a tooth?

I guarentee that no Celtics player would have done this bullshit if we won banner number 18, which we will next year. Dude's head is so big right now that's probably why the whole video was basically just him lip-syncing in his car.


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  1. I dunno if they won, big baby might have put out something of this poor taste, scal kills the hook tho