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Saturday, July 17, 2010

That Get's You Killed!

Whoa, this guy just nailed it. I smell a blockbuster! It's crazy, too, that its allergy season. Like, how the hell are we supposed to survive this 'kinda biological' apocalypse? People are just running into grocery stores and shit..those lines are gonna be so damn long!! Are they stocking up on essential end of the world materials, or just trying to plow through allergy meds? Why do you die within 24 hours?! That time frame must be important for something, or is it just downtime like "oh shit, Billy just sneezed like 18 hours ago, its all over!" then 6 hours later he just dies?

Also, why is it a beautiful thing that this is how we all get extinct? To me that seems like a shitty thing. Anyways, look out for this up and coming M. Night Shyamalan, I suspect this movie will be quite similar to The Happening...

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