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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slow Day At The Weekend...

Listen, I know its been a slow day posting, but I just walked into the press room after working 12 straight hours cleaning toilets and mopping floors. Yeah, I know ladies, you're probably looking for my digits after finding out what a bomb job I got on lock, so just e-mail me and we will get it poppin'.

But in all seriousness, I know for a fact without a doubt in my mind that I could be a YouTube sensation. Its that simple. 'What made me come to this abrupt realization?' you're probably wondering. Well let me tell you. So after working this absurdly long shift just straight toilet cleaning and mopping my life away, I hopped into my mom's car (I know ladies, relax. Like I said e-mail me). Anyways, it starts off normal: I'm packing three Miller Lite's I found on the job site, a bouncy ball and a Gatorade, standard stuff. So I start driving, everything is fine, then it just hits me. The Q starts bumping off shitty hit after shitty hit, and I just can't hold back anymore. I start busting out remixes to songs, freestyling, hell, I'm even pretending I have a scratchboard to just get the party going off the chain. No joke, I'm shoulder bobbing and head nodding all while belting out probably some of the dopest remixes to Lady Gaga you've ever heard.

Moral of the story: Always record! I swear, this shit would have gone viral in a millisecond. Next thing you know, you'd have seen me on the Ellen Degeneres show, one-uping her dance moves and remixing songs left and right.

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