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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Troll 2: A Must-See?

Until about a month go I had never heard of Troll 2. Then I catch some rumblings that Troll 2 is the worst movie ever made...ever. As someone who appreciates a cinematic turd every now and again I thought it worth looking into.

Lo and behold one 0% RottenTomatoes review later I was hooked. I found out the Coolidge Corner theater was doing a show of this gem on a night I had off so I wandered up Beacon and had myself a night. I couldn't get past the opening credits without breaking into peels of laughter with the rest of the audience. One of the best scenes is at the top.

Confused? turned off? Turned on? Check out Troll 2 for more, it will be the worst thing you ever watch, also the villains in the movie are vegetarians. Now available on Hulu.

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