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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Joe Girardi Is A Douche Bag

The MLB All-Star game is tonight in Los Angeles. (8pm, FOX) The American League skipper for the game will be Joe Girardi, New York Yankees manager. After assessing his roster on Monday, he was at a press conference with a good number of media personnel in attendance, firing off questions about the game, his team's first half, and which players he would play. When asked about Red Sox third baseman Adrian Beltre?

"He was replaced by Michael Young."

Beltre, who suffered a hamstring injury on Sunday in Toronto, was questionable for the game. So what was his reaction to hearing the news?

"Who replaced me? And why did they replace me? Nobody told me I was getting replaced. Who makes this decision?

Well, Adrian, since you were voted in by the players to be the first replacement for Evan Longoria, I think you make the decision. First, Girardi snubs Kevin Youkilis by picking Paul Konerko over him, when Konerko wasn't even close to Youk in the voting. Like, dude, I get that you want to win, but now instead of just Sox fans thinking you're an asshole, now the country knows it. The guy clearly doesn't know how to handle himself in this situation. He can't handle talking to players that aren't on his team apparently. Personally, I'm not worried about Beltre playing, since Clay Buchholz, Victor Martinez and Dustin Pedroia are already sitting out due to injury, but still, I'd like to see Girardi grow a pair and do his job.

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