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Thursday, August 26, 2010

You Go, Marvin

God I cant even believe this chick acting like she had something important to say. Listen lady don't interrupt my boy Marvins life story with that rude bull shit "see what I mean". You better mean that M dog is the most bad ass playa on the streets these days just trying to live his life and keep the haters at bay. The audacity of some people these days just amazes me.

What was that little comment Marvin left on like don't matter I'll be dead in 2 years. Damn homie what a way to exit from that speech like if I started saying shit like that after every short convo with people it would really leave them wondering. Like wtf is going on in two years, where did he get that figure and I hope its not true but shit if it is thats fucked up he knows. It really opens a pandora's box of questions I just can't delve into right now.

WHAT!?!? I just noticed that Marvin rolled in squad deep with a homie in the back that is rocking the most boss stache out there. The way he was grilling that chick at the end is unreal, crossed arms and a Medusa stare. This guy needs to be a celebrity body guard for real, damn I wont be able to sleep well tonight.

(If the video freezes I found for some weird reason if I kept wiggling my mouse I could watch her straight through)

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