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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekenders Top 5 Jams of the Week

First up we got a new one from Drake and Weezy called Right above it. Very tight track but what else do we expect from these two young thugs.

Next up a new one from Wiz Khalifa titled Fly Solo. A good pick to toss in the ear buds and get a dose of that 'crack music'.

Switching up our style over here at the weekend we have The Avett Brothers - Head full of doubt. Miss Platz put the boys at the weekend on to this track and this shit is dope, check it out.

At numero quatro we have Wale - The War. This is off his new mixtape called More About Nothing. Props to my boy cbiz for showing me this mixtape.

Kanye West, Beyonce, and Charlie Wilson top off the weekends top jams with a new track called see me now. This is what I'm talking about I cant wait for Kanye's new album, 808's was interesting but didn't hold a candle to his first two albums. Anyways here is the track...

So next time your at a party toss on one of these jams and be just as cool as us over here at the weekend. Cheers!

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