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Friday, August 20, 2010

Best Phone Call Ever?

There's just so much here I don't know where to begin. first and foremost I'm wondering what transpired earlier in the conversation I feel that there was some vital information we missed leading into this. Or did this dude just break out of normal talk to try and slip in a oh yeah no big deal but "I fucked this girl tonight". Regardless how rude was snookie when she said "I'm listening you stupid ass". I know this guy just cheated on you but come on you couldnt see that coming with that terrible display of phone etiquette.

But how perfect did they time that music a little piano some eery stings and boom the mood is set for whats about to go down. She breaks the news and the music really starts to pick up pace, god just perfect. And come to find out this guy was just totally pulling her chain, hah typical bro move Call up you GF tell her you cheated on her then pull the ol ahahhh gotcha!! Thats where I dont understand snookies reaction I mean he was clearly joking, right? So that barbaric scream there at the end seemed completely unnecessary. Also the whole yelling on the phone and hanging up when he is mid sentence only furthers the point that she doesnt know how to use a phone properly. Do us a favor Snookie go get some manners then call us back.

Seriously though what a guy, its best that they parted ways a man of his comedic genius doesnt deserve that treatment.

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