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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bongity Bongity

"Look sir I don't want any thing of this then Whooop I slit your throat". This cat is a loose cannon one second your talking politics next thing you know you got a slit throat and a slew of dangity dangitys flying mach 3 at you. If your not spent after that few head butts out of nothing a polite "sorry sir but I'm going to have to break your leg" and you'll be wishing you never met 'el huapo' (3:20).

In all seriousness though how did his buddies put up with 6 straight minutes of fake punches, choke holds, and grapples. When ever a buddy tries to show me some sort of wild UFC type shit I can only put up with that for about 5 seconds, and thats after 5 minutes of continued asking "Come on bro just let me show you this move right quick". Some one get that guy a gift card to Dennys or something jeesh its the least we can do.

I love the scene switch to from bar fight to UFC ring with scissor kicking and everything, well produced video.


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