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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthday Cake Bobble

Are you serious lady how did your clumsy ass afford those 2 tv's I see in the background, or is that one tv and a mirror. Regardless I could carry that cake 47 times better and I cant afford a tv and a mirror. Any ways what the hell even happened here did she just want to fuck with her baby everything was going smooth until she apparently wanted to spike that cake on the dinner table. Give me a touchdown celebration at least, shit.

Why is that kid crying anyways she probably has no idea what the fuck is even going on. No idea its her birthday, no idea thats her cake, no idea she pooped herself 25 minutes ago. Pfffft get real.

1 comment:

  1. In the immortal words of Beach, the guy who used to buy us beer in high school:

    Us: Hey Beach, why do you have two tv's next to one another?

    Beach: Because I can't afford three.


    Secondary to this, it clear they're a family of halfwits: they've got two tv's on Sarah Palin within 5 feet of one another. A sorry lot, really...