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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Before I start, let me just clear a few things up. First of all, the title of the post is all that I really need to say. Second, I watched one episode of "Entourage," and its not for me. I'm not saying its bad, I'm just saying I'm not that entertained by it.

So the point of this article is because if I see one more kid use this as a status, or try to pitch me the show because they just bought one of the seasons, I'm gonna go batty. You're not friends with Jeremy Piven, and inviting your friends over to watch the DVD of the show that's not actually a new episode, is downright idiotic. This pretty much goes for any show. I don't care if you're watching anything, just stop it. "Entourage" is a television show that you are not a part of, and is not actually real. Stop pretending its changing your life. I love Everybody Loves Raymond, but I'm not covering my crotch with a pillow every time I watch it, like some of these clowns.

Go outside, kids. Please.

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