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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Lou Retires

There's a lot to be said about class acts in an age where they are hard to come by. Well don't worry, I beat Google to it's job and got you a perfect example: Lou Piniella. Double take eh? Yeah, I said Lou Piniella.

He wasn't planning to pull a LeBron and announce it mid-season but was forced to when some assholes at the NY Daily News leaked it. I can't imagine ol' Lou not getting into the Hall of Fame.

He held a mediocre record at best as a manager flirting with a .518 winning percentage, and 1835 wins as a manager which is good for 14th all time. I don't care what anyone says, anyone that puts up with the BS that MLB is always good for, for about 40 years deserves some recognition. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that he led the Reds to a 1990 World Series win, and was voted 3 times manager of the year?

Sweet Lou managed his Cubs to a 16-5 loss to Atlanta in his final game. He planned on retiring at the end of the season, but is cutting that short due to the continuing weakness of his mother. In Lou's eyes, family always comes first. His mother probably has a better shot of surviving, anyway.

-Thanks to Big Cat for the post

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