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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church Sucks

Listen I'm all for what this dude in the truck does because these Westboro Baptist Fucks are the shittiest of the shittiest. But come on man if your going for it go all out that one pepper spray seemed pretty weak. It appeared that they didnt even realize what was going on no one moved for a good 10 seconds. If it was me I would of had my homies in the back of the truck blasting them with squirt guns filled with skunk semen or something. Dont ask how I would acquire said semen, but I know some people who know some midgets who know a family of skunks that own them a favor, one of those deals.

Regardless if there is anything I learned this summer while fighting Johnny law its that this is something they would at least give you a minute head start to get away. What would you have done to these bastards?

FYI they were protesting in front of a marines funeral. Who the fuck does that.

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