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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meteor Shower TONIGHT!!

Thats right if you are one of the lucky few people that have check the page this evening you are in for a treat. Tonight I have just been informed there will be an unreal spectacle of stars. I took this quote from some random site I found when I typed in todays date and meteor shower: "The Perseids Meteor shower is perhaps one of the most anticipated meteor showers because it shows tens to a hundred meteor showers every minute best seen in a cloudless and moonless night." HOly SHITTTTT!!!! Hundreds of meteors every minute, is this the apocalypse, can we blame global warming, or perhaps this will just be a dope viewing for the loyal fans of the weekend and the nerds that are tapped into the world of astronomy. With that I'm outta here folks, enjoy the show in whatever mind state you may be in.

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