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Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekender's Top iPod Jams

So Ben's been taking most of the music write-ups, bringing you the tougher side of the Weekend's style. I'm going to take things a different route, and give you a little taste of the softer side of the Weekend.

Going to see Zac Brown on August 15th in Hartford, should be an awesome show. This is probably my favorite song of all time, and I'm a huge fan of the cover. From their live album "Pass the Jar' released in May.

Guster just goofing around in the studio, but giving you a sample of their new single "Do You Love Me?" from their upcoming album "Easy Wonderful" set to release in October.

I put this one on here for a number of reasons: One, Sox fans, even though we're not at home this weekend, we need to put forth the same effort we would at home to hear this song blast at the end of a game. Two, its a great song altogether. Three, is the drummer supposed to be singing? I have no clue what's going on there.

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