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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Todays forecast Taco's

The funniest part of this whole video isn't the dude eating his paper or the whacky little dance the co anchor does while tossing innocent sheets of paper in the air. It isn't even the irony of them missing the bridge collapse. No, no its the weatherman who just keeps um coming with the one liners. "I think the closest thing we had to this paul was when we did the live remote of the guy dressed as a taco parachuting out of a plane into a bowl of salsa" and his response was "oh yeah, yeah that was compelling". What!? are you kidding me guy how the hell is that compelling, maybe to folks who have taco fetishes thats compelling but in now way does that compel anyone else. Then he goes on to crack another one about how he was looking good in that shot while the bridge blew up, this guy needs to get his own show asap. He is a maverick in that studio who doesn't follow the rules and people need more of that.

Oh and where the hell is the video of that dude skydiving in a taco costume I need to see that.

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