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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness

So I figured I should do a write-up about March Madness because a) my world stops when the games are on, and b) I couldn't deal with Jimmy Johnson being at the top of my blog for any longer.

It's been a wacky ride to the Sweet 16 so far. Kansas was TKO'd by the O'Rear brothers and Northern Iowa which, according to ESPN.com's Bracket Challenge, means 42% of the nation is not too happy. There were 2 overtime games, and one double-overtime game in the first round, which totals to one more than there was in the entire tournament a year ago. 90% of Big East fans have seen their teams mauled to a painful death by the underdogs, 9% are crossing their fingers in upstate New York for the Orange, and the other 1% are sorry West Virginia fans. For the first time since 1994, an Ivy League team has won a tournament game, and they're about to face John Wall & Co. in the third round.

Three #1's and two #2's are still standing. I personally have Kentucky taking it all over 'Cuse in the final, but I'm starting to second guess everything I know about NCAA basketball. Games start up again tomorrow, so get pumped and get yourself in front of a TV or computer.

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