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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Rule, Same Results

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to write something up on the NFL's new overtime rule or on "Big Ben Strikes Back." (Roethlisberger's newest sexual assault case.) I figure I don't care much about one or the other, but this new rule is idiotic and I'm interested in how anyone thought, "oh yeah, this is new and different, let's go for it!"

Tie game at the end of regulation. You just watched 60 minutes of football, which really lasted 4 hours, and all you got to see was about 11 minutes of real action. Old overtime rule: Coin toss, sudden death. 80% of the time, the team who won the toss, won the game. New overtime rule: Coin toss, winning team automatically wins with a touchdown, but if they settle for a field goal, the other team gets a chance to go for the touchdown and take home the crown. If the second team also opts for a field goal, then it goes back to sudden death.

So really they will have just wasted their time going for 2 field goals, only to give the first team an 80% chance of winning again. Personally, I'm as sick of writing about this as I will be when I have to watch these shenanigans. I'm a college football guy, and I think the NCAA has it right. Each team gets a drive, doesn't matter if one team only gets a field goal, each team gets one drive.

At least the NFL is aware this is garbage, saying that it's only going to be used in the postseason. I hope they come out with a few more press releases trying to clear up the confusion after every show on ESPN has bashed the hell out of it.

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