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Saturday, June 26, 2010

4th No-Hitter In 3 Months

Ubaldo Jimenez, Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay, Edwin Jackson. What do all four of these men have in common? They have all thrown no-hitters in the 2010 season. Alright, so Braden and Halladay kicked it up a notch with perfect games, but still...What the hell is going on lately? Four no-hitters, a rookie bursting on the scene and striking out 41 in his first 4 starts, and we're looking at about twenty-five 10 game winners by the All-Star break. Maybe it's something in the water, but it seems like in 2010, defense will take a backseat, and pitching will win the championship.

Jackson's no-hitter last night was no walk in the park, although there were plenty of walks. He threw almost 150 pitches in the effort, and handed out 8 free passes. You know who else handed out 8 free passes and pitched a no-hitter? 1-Nolan Ryan. And 2-Dock Ellis. Difference between the three? Dock Ellis was on LSD.

This hasn't been a particularly off year for the offense, either. It just seems like pitchers have been doing their homework lately. Wonder if chicks still dig the long ball now...

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