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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Only Between the Two Florida Baseball Clubs Would This Be A Story

Last night, the Florida Marlins organization had the brilliant idea of handing out some 15,000 miniature vuvuzelas to fans entering Sun Life Stadium. It was done to coincide with the World Cup in South Africa, in which the national instrument is the vuvuzela, and they have been out in full force at every game.

For the entire game, the umpiring crew, and several players, wore ear plugs to try to block out the drone-like sounds. Joe Maddon wasn't too impressed with the noise.

"They're annoying," Maddon said. "I mean, there's cool things and there's very non-cool things. That's a non-cool thing. It just doesn't make any sense."

Settle down, Joe! No need for anyone to get hurt over this.

Dewayne Staats, a Tampa Bay Rays announcer, was upset that two Rays fans were not allowed to bring their cowbells into the park that night. "That's just not right. These vuvuzelas, they're for soccer. Cowbells have a deep and rich baseball history." I'm not so sure I agree with that, but I do know that Mr. Staats, seems to have a fever, and there's only one prescription for that...

And look, to that lady in the picture: it's a ballgame, not the playground. Get your dejected expression and small child out of there, you're better than that.

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